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If you’re stuck in a rut, you’ve found the right person.

I’m a life and career coach. Simply put, I’m here to help you move forward whether you need an ear, confidence or clarity.

I attribute my own success to the formal and informal coaches in my life – the ones who have kept me on track and accountable. This is why I life and career coach: I understand the importance of having someone offer a different perspective and encouragement while you work toward your goals.

As a career coach, I provide tangible resume, interviewing, problem solving and negotiating counsel. I am a business doctoral candidate with more than 10 years of leadership and HR experience working with higher education institutions, family-owned and Fortune 500 companies. I have a strong business acumen and pulse on today’s competitive, demanding and ever-changing workforce. My experience gives me the knowledge and skills to drive my coaching service.

I’ve experienced a lot of life and coached a lot of people; I strive to be unbiased and not judgmental – I’ve been there, done that, and seen it all. I can help you think differently, get unstuck, and move forward. My time in corporate and HR helps me to help others better position themselves for a job, raise, presentation, or any other goals they are striving to achieve. It’s thrilling to aid my clients in sharpening their talents or finding their dream job.

As a life coach, I assist those who are working through indecisiveness, ineffective habits and inner doubt in any area of life. Through a variety of techniques, I’ll help you to observe your situation through a clear lens while giving you the tools you need to transform.

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