Hi, I’m Danielle.

I believe transformation happens when we break judgement habits and open our intuition. I’m a professor, writer and life coach focused on how we can find our true selves.

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I want you to know you can heal and make meaning from your perceived mistakes and the things that on the surface don’t seem to make sense; a deeper understanding, healing and moving forward is always possible. The key is this: rather than avoiding, dulling or escaping the darkness, you need to embrace it. 

I believe we need to give our dark moments just as much attention, compassion and love as we give our lighter moments. Why? Because we can’t have light without dark; we can’t appreciate the stars and the moon without contrast against the ink-like nights. While the dark seems mysterious and sometimes evil, this doesn’t have to be true. By shifting our perspectives, the dark can help us see clearly and experience the world in a more meaningful way. It can move us to confront our fears so we can overcome them. 

A few years ago, I experienced a Dark Night of the Soul – a term I never knew existed until it rocked my world. The unexpected loss of my job triggered a time of deep spiritual depression and reflection. Without my usual heavy workload combined with a drive for external validation to distract me (yes, I was a workaholic), I was left to see reality with fresh eyes: my life was consumed with self-worth issues and I’d let important relationships with my husband, mom, friends and myself fade into the background.

My Dark Night drew open the curtains and revealed my truth: I was in dire need of internal renovation, a complete makeover that would shed years of self-sabotaging ego. Washing away ego wasn’t a “one and done” process; it’d taken many up and down moments to learn how my ego had negatively controlled my thoughts and actions. But I didn’t give up. I didn’t run from the pain or try to escape the darkness. I had my fair share of detours and mishaps, but we are human. We can always find our way back to growth which is what I did.

I welcomed my Dark Night and because of that, my Dark Night helped me find my foundation: My true self from which I could rebuild and start fresh.

Using my intuitive skills combined with years of experience supporting others’ life journeys as a life coach and business professor, I help those who are ready to explore their darkness, learn from it and then carefully release it so they can step into their new selves, into their light, into their true selves.

A higher version of YOU

A higher version of YOU

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