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If you’re unsure of where to start, our first session will be an exploratory chat, peeling back the layers to figure out what is going on and discover our key focal points. We’ll create an action plan and then schedule a follow-up weekly or bi-weekly. During our sessions, you’ll be given ideas, things to explore, references, book suggestions, and “homework” assignments. You’ll take notes and keep me updated, and we’ll continue working.

You do have the option to go solo after our first session; however, I recommend follow-up sessions to ensure we’re making progress with your goals.

If you are crystal clear about what you want, then we’ll go to work on that!

Working with me is a genuine partnership and I know we will accomplish a lot together! If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

I was introduced to Danielle through my husband as a birthday gift.  I had recently moved into a new position at a new company (after being at my historical job for 13 years) and was struggling to find my footing and acknowledge if it was actually the right fit for me. I was grappling with the new position, as I had been made a number of promises that weren’t being fulfilled, which was incredibly frustrating. 

On top of that, my old job had been continuing to stay in touch and really wanted to know that I would be welcome back at any time.  This was incredibly confusing, and I wanted an objective vantage point to help me make a decision.  Our first conversation was really more about Danielle really listening to me, and asking me hard questions that I wasn’t willing to as myself.  Things like, “Is it your ego that makes you refuse to give up?” ” What impact wold leaving this quickly have on the long term impact of your career?”  It really forced me to think about the situation through a strictly objective lens to be able to see the light of what I should/shouldn’t do much more clearly.

So, I quit my job after being there only months, spent some time working on myself, and went back to my old job with increase in pay, a path to partnership, and a situation I couldn’t be happier with for work/life balance. I now am working through setting up personal boundaries at the old role to make sure I don’t fall into hold habits, and positioning all of my needs with positivity, as it is making me a better, stronger contributor.

– Jenny Y. Group Media Director

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A higher version of YOU

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