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While traditional IET and Reiki sessions are performed with physical touch, my remote sessions offer you the same healing benefits without the need for contact. The energy is sent in waves across time and space. The sessions work best if we build a conversation over the phone for a few minutes to establish a connection and intention. Then, when we disconnect the call, the client should commit to relaxing comfortably with no distractions for about 20-30 minutes while I complete the healing session. During the healing session, clients may experience a wide range of sensations and feelings. Using my energy healing training combined with my heightened intuition, I am able to identify my client’s energy blockages and send support so they can conduct additional self-exploration and healing on their own.

At the end of the healing session, I send an email to the client reporting on the blocks that I identified and intuitive information I received. I will also send along guidance tools to ensure my client knows how to take actionable steps towards their healing.

The end-to-end session between the intention phone call, healing, and concluding email is 60 minutes. Clients who invest in energy healing every 4-6 weeks see the greatest improvement along their journey. Many clients also decide to follow up on their healing session with a life coaching session to further explore their blockages, limiting beliefs, habits and life.

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A higher version of YOU

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