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Psychic Mediumship Reading | Phone or Zoom Meeting

Rate: 30 Minutes for $70 | I am not offering 60-minute readings at this time
For An Appointment: Email

What to expect: I’ll connect with your loved one(s) in spirit to deliver evidential heart-centered messages so you know your loved ones are never truly gone. Using a blend of my mediumship and psychic abilities you’ll receive a spirit reunion of sorts with your loved one(s) full of messages, guidance, and healing. All messages given come from the highest place of love, and intention of the highest good of all.

When you work with me, expect high vibes and compassion. This is a no judgement zone. If you’re worried about what may come up in a reading such as sensitive matters, or if you’re nervous about getting emotional, please don’t worry. I’ve lived a lot of life and have done many readings. I understand and honor the fact that not everyone’s life and relationships were easy. I support a good cry and release of other emotions; after all it’s healthy and a natural part of the healing process.

Here’s how to get the most out of our session:

First-timers: If this is your first time working with a medium, I understand if you’re experiencing skepticism. At one point, I was also a skeptic. Do what you can to calm your mind and open your heart up before we meet so that you’re bringing an open mind and can fully hear and embrace the messages you receive. A walk, a quick meditation or listening to your favorite song beforehand are all great ways to get in that zone. 

Come with an open mind: While I’ll try to connect with the person you want to speak to most, with spirit, nothing is guaranteed. I work for you and I also work for spirit and have a responsibility to honor their wishes as well. With this being said, stay open to the idea that there may be someone else who comes forward to deliver a message; perhaps you don’t want it but perhaps you need it.

Intuitive Coaching | Phone or Zoom Meeting

Rate: 30 Minutes for $70 | 60 Minutes for $130
For An Appointment: Email

What to expect: Using a unique blend of professional, academic, and spiritual frameworks and understanding, I give the dark some light by sharing intuitively driven advice to life’s challenges in a light-hearted, uplifting, and actionable manner. I work with clients who want direction in business and career, relationships, and personal development. I’m an expert in helping clients who are feeling stuck and indecisive, who may feel their habits are self-sabotaging, and those who are going through a Dark Night of the Soul.

When you work with me, expect tough love, compassion, intelligence, quick wit, spiritual guidance, and a dose of sarcasm – Hey, we can’t take ourselves too seriously, right?

Here’s how to get the most out of our session:

Reflect and journal: If it calls to you, I recommend reflecting and journaling before we meet. See if you can put into words what’s on your mind. Try to identify the emotions you feel and the answers you seek. This will help get your mind and soul talking so that you can best articulate what you’re looking for.

Break Judgment Habits

Break Judgment Habits

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