I’m an expert in working with clients who are feeling stuck, indecisive, may feel their habits are self-sabotaging, and those who are going through a Dark Night of the Soul. Using a unique blend of professional, academic, and spiritual frameworks and understanding, I give the dark some light by sharing intuitively driven advice to life’s challenges in a light-hearted, uplifting, and actionable manner. I work with clients who want direction in other areas of life too, such as business and career, relationships, and personal development.

When you work with me, expect tough love, compassion, intelligence, quick wit, spiritual guidance, and a dose of sarcasm – Hey, we can’t take ourselves too seriously, right?

Here’s what Kim had to say about working with me:

“I’ve had the absolute honor and pleasure to be coached by Danielle for the past two years. Originally recommended to me by a friend, Danielle and I formed a quick bond, diving into my deepest dreams, visions, and insecurities within the first few sessions we spent together. While Danielle has many gifts as a coach, above all, her greatest strength is her ability to meet clients where they’re at, providing tactical resources and heartfelt conversation to navigate both the present moment, and long-term vision… Danielle has helped me navigate job changes, relationship and family stages, and the evolving vision for both my career and life. I constantly tell people that Danielle is a ‘best kept secret’ – but I have no doubt she’ll be widely known someday, and I’ll be lucky to be among her students.”

Email drdanielleclark@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Break Judgment Habits

Break Judgment Habits

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