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As an empath and psychic medium, I’m naturally a sensitive person. And you know what? It seems like my sensitivity keeps getting stronger as I get older. So, I’ve had to make some changes to take of myself.

One big change I’ve cut out is alcohol – I need a solid 48 hours to recover from it. Talk about time wasted! When it comes to caffeine, I’ve learned that I can only handle one cup of tea in the morning. If I have it later or go over my limit, I end up with the shakes and a foggy mind. No fun at all!

I’ve also realized that sticking to a strict sleep schedule of 7-8 hours is crucial for me. Bed time is around 10pm and I wake up around 6ish. That’s the only way I can wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed, which is critical for the work I do. I have definitely refined my routine.

Although I do what I can to keep myself running at an optimal level, sometimes external factors break my routine – like my husband Ron leaving for work at 4am.

Ron does what he can to be super quiet in the morning, and I love him for that. He gets ready in the spare bathroom; he turns on as few lights as possible. But at least a few times a month, he will drop a spoon in the sink, or trigger our yellow lab Charlie to bark, or not turn off his alarm quick enough.

Once I’m up, it’s better for my brain to stay up instead of going back to sleep. It used to be that when I woke up, I’d throw a huge temper tantrum, either venting to Ron through text or just stewing in my own head. I’d stay in bed for hours feeling unproductive and grumpy.

“I’m so pissed I’m awake…”

“Today is ruined before it even started…”

“My work is going to suffer because I’ll be exhausted…”

I wasted so much time and energy on rumination and anger. And guess what? My days really did turn out crappy, and my projects suffered as a result. I manifested my own misery.

But about two months ago, when Ron accidentally woke me up yet again (this time dropping his keys on the tile floor), I made a promise to myself that I needed to change my approach. Instead of throwing a fit, I fought the urge and decided to pray: I trust that if I’m awake, there’s a reason for it.

I waited to hear the garage door shut, then grabbed the book sitting on my bedside table and started reading. After cruising through a couple chapters, I noticed the sun’s orange glow peeking through my shades, so I moved out of bed, brewed a nice cup of tea and got a head start on my work. I actually enjoyed my morning and found I could appreciate the time to myself before the day became hectic. Compared to a mental state of griping, I had a clear mind, a full heart and good energy. Plus I got so much done!

The point is, sometimes our minds don’t always know what’s best for us. So why waste time judging the outcome of an inconvenience when we can control our perspective? When we surrender and trust that everything is perfect just as it is, well, everything really does turn out perfect!

Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you’re feeling rattled over a perceived disturbance, ‘I embrace life’s unpredictability for my own peace and fulfillment.’

PPS – Do you want to gain insight into shifting your negativity when something unexpected happens? If so, Grab your pen and journal. Reflect on a recent experience where external factors disrupted your routine or plans. How did you initially react, and how could you have responded with more grace and acceptance? Delve into the emotions you would have liked to experience instead. Imagine responding with patience, flexibility, and gratitude. What micro-changes (like in my case reading a book and praying) could you make to your thoughts and behaviors next time to feel these emotions?  

Author: Danielle Clark

Dr. Danielle Clark is a witty heart-centered millennial. She wears many hats in this beautiful + crazy thing we call life. She is a proud wife, and cat, dog and human mama who works as a psychic medium, intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and business professor. Dr. Danielle’s life work is focused on helping people heal from self-judgement, trauma and grief so that they can release their suffering and tap into the highest version of themselves. Danielle’s been blessed to do that for herself and that’s why she’s made it her mission to pass along her wisdom to others. Danielle is from just north of Boston. She currently lives in the Tampa Bay area. She believes with a little love, grace and humor anything is possible. She invites you to join her blog Onwards at and to connect with her on social media.

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