Everything happens in perfect timing

Last month, I was in Virginia enjoying a meditation retreat at the Monroe Institute. Side note: I highly recommend their Gateway program if you’re looking for a space to reflect, heal and explore your consciousness while enjoying mountain air, exquisite food and a diverse group of like-minded, spiritually connected people. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the program.

Okay, back to the story…

On my last full day at the Monroe Institute, all participants were tasked with going outside for a solo no-talking-to-others meditative nature walk before coming back inside for an extended inside meditation.  

My ego started talking: Of all the days to have been assigned this activity… Why today? It’s dreary. It’s raining. It’s cold… Why couldn’t it have been yesterday when it was sunnier and—

I interrupted my inner chatter as I remembered the book The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection by Mickey Singer which I had just finished two months before my trip.

In The Surrender Experiment, Mickey specifically talks about the rain, ‘Could it really be so hard to just let it rain when it rains and be sunny when it’s sunny without complaining about it? Apparently, the mind can’t do it…’ Mickey then points out that we oftentimes automatically assume we know what’s best, but we don’t, and instead of wanting to control things and make them different, we should let go and accept things as is and trust universal flow.  

So that’s what I did. I took a deep breath, shifted my energy to a place of gratitude and curiosity and went to my room to put on my boots. Next, I grabbed an umbrella and went outside.

Within the first few steps of my walk, the Blue Ridge Mountains revealed themselves in the distance, a panoramic display. I felt small yet seen, as if the mountains knew I was there, embracing me among its natural landscape. A white haze drifted among its peaks which weaved around each other for miles. The pitter-patter of the rain on my umbrella put me into a light, love-induced trance. Fifteen or so people spread out with umbrellas in hand, walking the foothills of the mountains and connecting with Mother Nature and their Higher Selves. The sight was like a crowd of ants working toward the same purpose. A feeling of bliss swept through me, and I couldn’t help but swing my umbrella back and face the sky, enjoying the rain on my skin.

When I came back inside, I felt awe and gratitude. If I hadn’t read The Surrender Experiment, perhaps I wouldn’t have shifted my thoughts and embraced my nature meditation. If I hadn’t decided to visit the Monroe Institute, perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten such a beautiful chance to put my newfound learnings into action and show myself how far I’ve come.

Remember that sometimes you need to give up that initial sense of control, that ‘knee jerk’ reaction to a situation, for you to find a little more flow in life.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – The next time something happens that your ego isn’t happy about, use this affirmation, ‘I know everything connects and I know everything happens in perfect timing.
PPS – It’s incredibly rewarding when we can learn something and then put it into action. Reflect on recent blogs, podcasts, books and conversations where you’ve learned something new. Grab your pen and journal. What are some of those learning lessons you gained? How can you create a situation to apply those lessons to your day-to-day life? For example, did you finally get around to reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo? If so, good for you! But have you actually done anything with your newfound knowledge? Have you gone through your bookshelf to decide what books give you joy? Have you tried out her vertical folding technique? Create a plan to put a few lessons you’ve learned into action.

Manifesting your New Year’s dreams

Welcome to the New Year bright light.

2023 has a bold and accelerated quality to it. No doubt many people, including you, are looking to turn dreams into reality – but before you set out, let’s focus on approaching your dreams with the best intentions and manifesting methods possible.

The tips below will help you to create or enhance a manifesting rhythm. Incorporating these techniques will provide more ease and potential as you work towards owning the New Year.

Intention setting

When setting an intention, I recommend leaving room for beautiful unexpecteds to flow your way. To do this, don’t get too specific with what you want and when you want it. Instead, give the Universe some space and autonomy to co-create with you and work its magic. Who knows, the Universe may have something even better planned for you than you thought.

Below is an example of how you can give your intention more opportunities for possibility and expansion.

Original intention: “I want to find a boyfriend by March 1st that meets my criteria of: a non-smoker, spiritually connected, and wanting kids within two years.”

Intention with room for unexpected possibilities: “May a new partner find their way to me in 2023 in perfect timing. May they be a beautiful fit for my soul and share many of the same core values and wants as I do.”

Bonus tip: Phrasing an intention as if it’s already yours and adding a dose of gratitude can up its vibration, giving it more energy to find you and come true. For example:

Intention with gratitude for it already being yours: “Thank you Universe for connecting me to a new partner in 2023. I am grateful that they are a beautiful fit for my soul and share many of my same core values and desires.”

Believe it’s yours

Once you’ve crafted an intention that feels right to you, it’s essential you fully believe you are worthy of receiving your intention. If you are holding doubt, fear, a lack of self-love, or any other low vibing feeling around it, be sure to work on clearing that energy. You don’t want negative energy blocking your flow of positivity.

Here are some ideas on how to clear negative energy: meditation, energy healing sessions, positive affirmations, journaling, therapy sessions, yoga and more. Select what’s right for you.

Focus, focus, focus

When we manifest, we pair our energy with Universal energy to create something and draw it to us. This takes an incredible amount of energy, dedication, and focus. That said, you’ll want to add energy to your intention every day. This will grow your energy, building it bigger and higher so that Universal energy can find you.

To grow your energy “ball” so to speak, I recommend visualization exercises. Investing a few minutes every day meditating, seeing and experiencing yourself living your intention (as an example, picturing yourself on a date with the new boyfriend and really feeling all the feels) can work wonders to bring your dream closer to reality. Creating and looking at vision boards and affirmations is also a good way to give your intention the focus and energy it needs to manifest.

Take action

Until this point, most of our manifesting efforts have been inwardly focused. Let’s chat about external efforts – You have to make a change, take a risk and get yourself out there in support of your dreams. You can take action in a variety of ways depending on what your dreams are.

Wanting to be more active? Join a fitness club or yoga class. Feel like your writing deserves some love? Submit your work to a journal or a writing contest. In the search for a soul mate? Create that dating profile. When taking action, set up a consistent schedule for your efforts so they build momentum — doing something once won’t give your dream enough energy to come true.

Bonus tip: Many people freeze when it comes to taking action because they are afraid of doing the wrong thing. From my experience, doing something, anything that shows yourself and the Universe you are trying is better than nothing. Just because you get rejected or make a mistake doesn’t mean you’re not creating positive energy to get you where you want to be.
If you’re feeling stuck on what you want 2023 to feel like and bring, schedule a 1 x 1 with me. I can psychically connect with your higher self to help uncover what your soul wants more of. I’ve already offered several of these sacred 2023 sessions, which have provided my clients with new considerations, clarity and comfort.  

You may also want to check out my recent guest appearance on NBC’s Bloom TV where I sit down with Gayle Guyardo and offer insight on goal setting and staying committed to your goals.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS –  Before we part ways, I’d like to debunk a few manifesting myths:

  • If I say something out loud once or twice it will come true. This is false. As you can see from the above, manifesting is a process. Do not worry if you’ve ever asked for something that you don’t really want, but remember: if you feed it a lot of energy it will grow and may come true.
  • If you work hard at manifesting, you’ll always get what you want. This is false. I believe that we will get what we need. We have pieces of our controllable future we can influence (afterall, we have free-will), but that doesn’t mean everything we want is always in our destiny or in the highest good of our souls.
  • The more time I focus on manifesting, the faster my dreams will come true. This is false. Manifesting is about finding the sweet spot between dedication and trust. Too much time focused on your dreams will more than likely result in obsession, fixation and other lower energies which won’t support your goals. A little time and love go a long way.

Your ordinary is extraordinary

Two weeks ago, after a long day of teaching business to my undergrad students, I stopped at a fast-casual restaurant for comfort food. Even though I love teaching, sometimes between the commute, the stimulation overload (questions popping, emails flying), and talking for several hours straight while on my feet, it’s overwhelming.

The cashier’s warm smile and the restaurant’s local family vibe instantly shifted my energy – my headache began to fade and I felt relaxed, almost at home.

As I sat down and waited for my lunch, I enjoyed watching the owner in playful banter with the cashier. The owner had dark features, maybe forty years on him; the cashier was younger, deep brown eyes and hair that bounced when she laughed. I wondered if they were father and daughter. She couldn’t find a pen and threw her hands up in joking fashion as they talked about how funny it was they couldn’t spot one – Isn’t that always the way? It’s the same with socks. Where do they go?

Experiencing the adoration the owner and cashier had for each other warmed my heart. Lightheartedness and camaraderie flowed between them. Even though I wasn’t a part of their conversation, I felt like I may as well have been with them behind the counter.

When my rice bowl was ready, the owner brought it to my table – a pleasant surprise at a counter-service restaurant. He said with a smile as he extended his hand, ‘I noticed you were charged for chicken, but since yours is vegetation, here’s some money back. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoy.’ His eyes crinkled at the corners.

My gratitude was overflowing yet all I managed to get out was a smile and a simple, ‘Thank you.’

For the next few moments, as I appreciated the flavors of fresh salsa over local greens and Spanish rice, I forgot all my problems. I sat in bliss, enjoying the hope and promise I had in humanity.

And that’s it. That’s the story. And here’s why it matters – the ordinary was extraordinary – the ordinary is extraordinary.

Customer-focused interaction, genuine human connection, and saving a few bucks significantly impacted my mood and day.

How does this impact you?

I want you to know (and to feel it in your heart) that ‘the little things’ you’re already doing in your day-to-day life – cleaning the house, holding the door for a stranger, helping your client with an issue, offering lunch to your colleagues, giving the Starbucks barista a compliment or extra tip – are having an extraordinary impact on others, even though you may not realize it.

Hopefully, you take this in and realize that you’re enough and that you don’t always need to do more to make a difference. Especially during the holidays, many of us feel we need to give more, volunteer more and be more. My story is proof that isn’t the case. Just be you! 

You are enough. You are extraordinary.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you feel like you’re not adding enough to the world, ‘I am not here to do, I am here to be.’
PPS – When was the last time you thanked yourself for all that you do and all that you are? If it’s been a while, grab your journal and pen. Start ten sentences with your name and then ‘I am thankful for…’ Then, complete the sentence. For example, one of my grateful sentences is: “Danielle, I am grateful for the way you don’t let rejection derail you from your goals.” For an extra dose of self-gratitude, consider writing a few of your favorite sentences on post-it notes and posting them around the house, reminding you how wonderful you are.

Don’t bite the bait

One of the many many things I continue to work on in this lifetime is not ‘biting the bait’ when I feel triggered by someone else’s words or actions. 

As my mentor April puts it, I need to be careful about not feeding the story, not getting drawn into others’ drama and emotions, whether it has to do directly with me or not – be it gossip, or people coming to me from a place of fear, lack or judgement. April reminds me, ‘It’s just a moment in time’ and that not everything I see and experience is for me (such good words to live by). 

To remove myself from a person or situation that doesn’t serve me, I work hard to keep myself energetically, emotionally and sometimes even physically separated from the person or thing that has me feeling those extra and weighty emotions – be it mad, confused, disheartened, or other. 

And while choosing to detach from unnecessary matters is a journey, I’ve made progress. Damn good progress in fact. So much so that I live my life with greater ease and pass down my wisdom in spiritual classes, my writing and in one on ones

With the emotions of the world so high and things feeling extra chaotic, I want to share some of my practices with you so that you don’t fall into traps or jump onto hooks (my attempt at bait humor) that you should avoid.

Give these a whirl and send me a note after you’ve tried a few. 

Energetic separation

  • Take a relaxing shower or bath using salts (I am a big fan of Epsom salt) and essential oils. While bathing, put out the intention (say it out loud or just think it) that you are dedicating this sacred time to refresh your aura. If you don’t have the time to take a shower or bath, spend a few extra minutes washing your hands, picturing old energy washing away.
  • Cut energetic cords; energetic cords are the invisible but very real strands of energy that connect us to people, places and things. Unhealthy cords can deplete us and keep us connected to things that don’t serve us, resulting in a host of problems including obsessively thinking about something. There are a variety of ways to cut cords. I visualize an actual cord between me and the person, place or thing and invite Archangel Michael in to literally cut the cord with his sword. It works!
  • Learning reiki, a Japanese energy-healing practice is an excellent way to support your energetic self.
  • Physical movement, sun rays, moonlight and sage also work great to cleanse and renew. 

Emotional separation

  • Especially for us empaths, separating our feelings from others is hard. Fortunately, meditation is always a tool available to us. Meditation is one of the best ways to move beyond emotions (someone else’s and our own) to rise above and experience a situation from a high vantage point. If your mind is too active for traditional meditation, no worries. Guided meditations and walking through nature solely focused on the sounds and sensations around you also count as meditation. 
  • Tapping is an ancient acupressure and modern psychology technique that can help us regulate our emotions. In Episode 16 of “Onwards with Dr. Danielle”, my guest Denise Funfar – Integrative Coach and Self-Compassion Mentor – walked me through a brief tapping activity. If you want to check it out, click here and start the video at minute twenty-three. 

Physical separation 

  • This one is more obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing: If you can, remove yourself from what’s trying to hook you energetically. Leave a room when your blood is boiling thanks to a rude family member or colleague. Stop stalking your ex on IG – Put the phone down! Change hair stylists if the vibe is toxic. Sit on the other side of the room when you’re watching TV if your partner is in a bad mood. 
  • Be sure to schedule regular ‘physical separation’ breaks into your day, week and year so your body and energy can recalibrate. From time to time, treat yourself to a dinner for one. Take a solo vacation. Go hiking. Give yourself some ‘you’ time. 

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need the strength to separate yourself from others’ words, thoughts and feelings, ‘When I let go, I create space for something better.’
PPS – Are you uncertain if an emotion is yours or someone else’s? If so, grab your journal. For the next week, try a 3-step routine:

  1. When you first wake up (before scrolling on your phone or watching the news), journal about how you’re feeling. Are you rested? Are you overwhelmed? Are you feeling gratitude? Get a strong baseline for how you are, separate from the world’s disturbances.
  2. A few times during the day, capture your mood and determine what events, if any, have caused a shift.
  3. Each night, reflect on the shifts in your emotions and what may have caused those changes. Did you show yourself self-love which caused you to feel lighter? Did Jim’s outburst cause you to feel angry when earlier in the day you felt calm?

Once you have a week or so of reflections, see what trends you can identify. Look to understand if you’re the primary one responsible for your emotions or if you let the world predominantly impact how you’re feeling. If you’re allowing external forces to make a big impact on your emotions – it’s time to make some changes and implement some more emotional, energetic and physical separation techniques.

Shift happens!

In mid-2021, I realized I wanted the new experience of working at a metaphysical shop – and I wanted it bad. I wanted an established community where I could be whisked away to a fast-paced and fun, high-vibing atmosphere. I knew I could gain plenty of retail knowledge, but I desired the healing energy and ‘unexpecteds’ of such an environment.

Within a few months I met a wonderful woman at a mediumship development circle who knew of a metaphysical shop looking for a medium. My prayers to the Universe were delivered.  

For most of 2022, I worked at the Violet Butterfly, serving one-on-one clients and offering a variety of different workshops and mediumship demonstrations. I loved serving my clients there. I was learning new things. I got my wish and I was grateful. Life was good… Until it wasn’t.

Starting in mid-September, the commute to the metaphysical shop became a thorn in my side – the hour-long drive turned to more a chore than an opportunity. I started getting sick more than usual. My soul was telling me it wanted more “me time” and time to focus on my family and different endeavors.

So what exactly happened?

Shift happened.

I have no explanation other than this, and this is important to understand: Sometimes, shift just happens. I fulfilled a goal of mine and it was time to pivot. And so I did.

I gave my notice and parted ways from the Violet Butterfly a few weeks ago. If I had listened to my ego, perhaps I would have stayed longer thanks to a false narrative that creeped into my thoughts every now and then: Danielle you just got here. Why are you leaving so soon? You’re not a quitter. You just need to work harder to juggle everything. Why are you leaving when you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing next?

Fortunately, my ego didn’t win and instead I honored my soul. I’m now feeling more energized, more expansive and I’ve been investing my extra time into my health, my family and the memoir I’m writing. I’m where I need to be, even though I don’t know all the answers of what’s to come.

I am proud that I honored my soul and not my ego. That’s a choice I’ve been actively working with for five years, since I was in a job with a toxic environment and boss. In that job, my soul was drained. I battled against my boss’s demeaning and manipulative communication style, and demanding and at times unfair expectations. My husband and son dealt with my backlash as I regularly came home with massive headaches and low energy levels.

I had received many signs and messages from my higher self to leave, but I stayed. Why? Because my ego’s false narrative dominated my thoughts: Danielle, you won’t find another job if you don’t stay here for at least two years…The title and the money is worth the discomfort… You just need to work harder to juggle everything…

I didn’t listen to my intuition, so the Universe made me listen. I lost the job. In that moment, it was detrimental. But now? It was one of the greatest miracles in my life although looking back on it, I realize things could have gone much smoother if I had made a shift sooner.

What’s the moral of the story? Shift happens. Especially in these fast-changing times.


  • Learn from past events where you resisted change. If something similar from the past is being presented to you, it’s an invitation to do things differently.
  • Listen to your intuition and accept the call to shift, leading to more ease and flow.
  • You don’t need to know or control everything before making a change. Trust your higher self and the Universe.
  • Your wants and needs are at times going to change rapidly. Honor them.

As my dear friend Robyn says, Shift happens. Suffering is optional. If you follow the above, there will be less suffering.

If you need to make change in your life and want a higher perspective to help with that shift, don’t hesitate to book a one-on-one with me. Through intuitive coaching and mediumship, I can help guide and support your change journey.


Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need the courage to make change, “I welcome in the power that comes with honoring my intuition. Regardless of what happens next, I know I am a magnet for abundance.”
PPS – To my Violet Butterfly community, I am sending you love and light. Thank you for your warm embrace and support. I look forward to visiting you at the shop in 2023 with a few special offerings. Stay tuned.

Don’t Put Up With It!

A few weeks ago, a new client Ellen (alias for privacy) booked a mediumship call with me. 

When Ellen came onto the Zoom call, her shoulders were tense, almost folded forward. She wore a frown. This of course isn’t anything new. Often clients seek me out when they are feeling their lowest – depression has taken over, grief is weighing heavy on them, they are feeling stuck, lost or helpless. But something about Ellen’s look and vibe made me feel uncomfortable – there was anger in the way she looked and felt. 

Determined to break the ice and create higher energy, I introduced myself and told Ellen a little about how I worked. As I was talking, she interrupted: “Are you going to connect to my husband and tell me exactly what I need to know? I’m not paying for you to give me an introduction.”

I took a slow and soothing breath and replied, “I will ask your husband to come close. I’ll work hard to talk with him and relay his messages.”

The woman scoffed, “Not good enough. I need specific answers to specific things, including where I may have put my brooch pin.”

I offered a light smile, “Let’s have your husband come in and we will have a chat. I’ll work as hard as I can. Before getting to specifics, let me get into his energy and then once we are chatting with him we can ask about the brooch…”

She rolled her eyes and I closed mine, beginning my connection. “Okay, I feel him stepping close… He feels like a shorter man with a hard work ethic… I think he may have been a drinker… He used to love working on his cars… Would you understand this?”

Ellen squinted her eyes and then threw up her arms, “That sounds like many men. How do I know this is my husband?”

I answered, “Please be patient. I’ll give you more detail; we are just starting. But does this sound like him?”

Ellen said, “Yes.”

Once Ellen said ‘yes’ her husband came closer to me. He was delighted to have her recognize him. He then started talking to me about his religious upbringing, his alcoholic dad, how he used to love Ellen’s meatloaf, the family baseball game memories… He then shifted the conversation to an apology. He wanted me to ensure Ellen knew he was sorry for his bad temper and drinking in the marriage. 

As I lovingly relayed this information, Ellen again interrupted me. I could feel her coldness through the computer. She slammed her hands on the desk, “I don’t care about any of this. You’re not doing your job. Where is my brooch pin?”

I paused. I collected my thoughts and said, “Ellen. I am going to end our session. Your husband was eager to talk to you but your negative energy is too much for me to work with. Your husband leaves you with love and an apology. I will refund you and I wish you all the best on your journey and do hope you find your brooch.”

Ellen gave me a sharp, ‘fine’ and we ended the call.

Putting up boundaries. Respecting my sacred craft. While these things don’t necessarily come easy (after all, I am a recovering people-pleaser which stems from my traumatic childhood), I’m doing them more and more every day and I’m proud of this.

Do I have an abundance of empathy for Ellen? Yes, I most certainly do but that doesn’t mean I need to ‘put up with’ someone’s coldness.

I know Spirit supported my decision as I felt their love around me after I ended the call. For several minutes, my guides embraced me in a powerful, energetic hug and I enjoyed the warm tingles I experienced up and down my neck.

I hope this story gives you power to speak your truth and walk away when it serves you.

Please remember: to serve Spirit, you don’t need to be a people-pleaser – you need to be whole. The best thing we can do to honor Spirit is to preserve our health – mind, body and soul. Afterall, we are Spirit too.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need to find the power to say ‘no’ – ‘I am firm with others when needed. My needs and well-being come before anything else.’
PPS – Setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ can be hard, especially if we must do so in the moment. But setting your boundaries proactively can help you reflect and prepare. Grab your pen and paper. Are there any difficult yet needed conversations you could have in the next few days? Could you call your brother and tell him not to ask you for money anymore as it makes you uncomfortable? Maybe have lunch with your friend and ask her not to spread your personal information you share in confidence? Write out a list and consider taking action before the next ‘thing’ pops up.

Lean into the energy of Fall

A universal feeling most of us want more of is ease and flow. Wouldn’t you agree?

You probably wouldn’t start an intense cleaning project at 9pm because the late evening hours feel like a time for rest and creative rejuvenation. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer feel like something too – that feeling is energy – an invitation by Mother Nature to shift.

The energy of a season can give us subtle hints of what we could lean into so that we’re in flow with the Universe – as opposed to feeling like we are swimming against the current, or like we’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Ideally, we want that “go with the grain,” “I’m in the zone” kind of feeling.

When we realize how closely our lives are linked to nature, we start to experience more harmony and oneness with ourselves and the world:

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to put my senses in order.” – John Burroughs Here are some things to consider if you decide you want to lean further into the energy of Autumn and embrace the flow.

Fall is a season of rich color: deep purple leaves, bright red apples, and vibrant orange pumpkins.

How can you bring more color into your life, literally or metaphorically? Here’s a couple ideas:

  • Replace the outdated pictures in the living room with more colorful photos from a recent trip
  • Add a pop of color to your wardrobe
  • Fall could be an invitation to experience more color in general, like an art gallery or museum

Leaves fall in the Fall, after going through a beautiful change process.

What things could you change about yourself this season, and then let fall away?

  • Perhaps you could be gentler to yourself and release limiting beliefs you’ve been holding?
  • Maybe it’s time to re-organize your closet and let go of the clothing that no longer gives you joy?
  • Do you have a habit that’s more harm than good? Set aside time to kick it to the curb.

In Fall, we start to see the Sun less and it gets cooler.

How could you go inwards more?

  • Perhaps by reinvigorating your meditation practice or starting some reflective journaling?
  • Maybe scheduling more walks outside? (Psst, leave your phone at home or in your car’s console for an extra dose of solace. Worried about safety? Keep pepper spray on your keychain.)

And how could you begin to change the pace of your life and go a bit slower?

  • Could you remove social events on your calendar that don’t serve you?
  • Could you say ‘no’ a little more at work when someone asks you to take on yet another task?

Some of these ideas may click with you, and others not. To help you get a better sense of direction you could go, here are some shifts I’ve been personally making to honor the energy Fall has to offer:

  • I’ve been working on letting go and cutting back. I’ve canceled commitments that no longer feel right. I’m not buying and consuming as much food, giving me a deeper sense of gratitude for all I have.
  • To give myself more sacred time, I’ve been reading. Instead of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning and right before bed, the last few weeks I’ve been regularly enjoying the book Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks.
  • I’ve been making it a point to go out to go for a walk early in the AM or late at night so I can experience the magnificent weather change Mother Nature has brought.

Send me a note and tell me what Autumn shifts you’ve made or plan to make. I’d love to hear from you.

Join me in spreading my messages of breaking judgment habits and strengthening intuition even further: forward this blog to a few family members and friendsThe greater the shares, the greater the impact – They can subscribe here.  


Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to help you stay grounded as you find your ease: “I embrace change and will give myself grace through this period of transition in my life.”
PPS – Still not sure where or how to find your flow in this season? Grab a pen and journal. Sometimes change doesn’t happen right away… sometimes we need to commit to a habit or lifestyle shift to see change over time. What’s something you can commit to, maybe daily or weekly, that can create positive change for you? Write down a list. Maybe it’s putting $50 more into your retirement monthly. Or 10 minutes of stretching a day to help with your everyday movements (squatting to pick up toys? Check!). Try to write down at least three ideas, then choose one. See how long you can commit! I’m rooting for you.

Life is Hard

The last few months have been hard.

I was sick twice from overworking myself. When will I learn?

I got into an altercation with my boss. This one absolutely sucked as it triggered a lot of self-worth and validation issues within me.

My family and I evacuated for Hurricane Ian as we were supposed to be a direct hit. Fortunately, we are now at home safe and settled, but nonetheless, we were stressed for several days and our regular rhythm was broken.

And I’ve just felt off and a bit lost, physically and mentally. The hardest part about this is I haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly why. I’ve let my workout routine slip. I’ve found myself falling down mental rabbit holes. I’m not as happy about things that usually make me happy.

Life is hard.

Fortunately, when I was feeling at my lowest, I had beautiful friends to lean on who held space for me and shared their hard with me too, making me feel less alone.

One friend who didn’t know I’d had a rough few weeks reached out and asked if we could talk. When we did, she shared she had been having suicidal thoughts. Her vulnerability and trust in me gave me deep healing. It also gave me perspective: I wasn’t as lost as I had been telling myself. We had a beautiful open chat, and by the end of it, we both went our ways feeling lighter.

A few days later, when I texted a different friend and told her I was struggling, she said ‘me too’ and divulged she was having a ‘survival week’ (I love that phrase!) and that she was coping by smoking a butt and having a Dairy Queen ice cream in her car to escape home life for a while. This image made me chuckle, and again I was reminded that I wasn’t as alone as I felt: life can have its moments of hard for all of us.

I’m writing today to be that friend I had when I was feeling low.

Please remember, you are not alone.  

Talk about your hard. Ask others to talk about their hard. Surround yourself with a balanced view of the world, the good and bad, the light and dark.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you’re navigating a hard time, ‘I am safe, understood and supported. I trust all things will unfold in perfect timing.’

PPS – Sometimes when we’re feeling low, we forget there is beauty, hope, and positives all around us. Grab your pen and paper. Write ten things that are ‘good’ about life or specifically your life. This could be something you’re grateful for or something that makes you happy or proud. For example: Your daughter kisses you good morning every day. You have an upcoming date on the calendar you’re excited about. You just received a promotion and you’re feeling ready to manage a team. Now that you’ve written your list, place your hand on your heart as you read your list out loud, so that you feel the positive vibes your list has to offer.

Here’s That Energy Boost You’ve Been Looking For

 “I want more energy” is something I hear frequently from my intuitive life coaching clients.

My lawyer client wants more time to work on his music side project, or a burnt-out project manager and mother of three needs help finding her zest again as she can’t find the spark to do anything besides binge-watch Netflix when she gets home.

While my advice is always tailored specifically to the person and situation, there are nuggets of wisdom that apply to many. I want to share some with you today because I care about you, and I want you to experience a new level of vigor so you can find growth toward the best version of yourself. Some of these wisdom nuggets may even help you achieve some of your wildest dreams.

Here’s a few tips to consider when working to increase your energy:

Change your framing

If our words and thoughts come from a place of lack, we’ll feel a sense of absence which drains our energy. That’s why it’s so important to make sure our words and thoughts vibe from a place of abundance, as an abundance mindset gives us an energy boost.

With this being said, be careful about using phrases such as, “I’m too busy,” or “I never have enough time,” and instead come from a place of having everything you need. You can acknowledge your abundance with word shifts such as, “My plate is full and I’m grateful,” and “I have enough time to make sure the right things get done.”

Say ‘yes’ to joy and ‘no’ to the other stuff

How often do we settle? We go to a subpar restaurant because it’s convenient. We listen to our brother vent about his life for the fifth time this week because ‘it’s the right thing to do.’ We watch a movie with our family that we could care less about but do it anyway to make everyone else happy.

Any activity that doesn’t give us joy is taking us away from our natural state of being: love, joy and happiness. Knowing this, it’s critical that we say “no” as much as possible to the things that aren’t in line with our true selves. Declining things that don’t give us joy will give us more fulfillment and meaning in our lives… and that means more sustained energy for you!

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Being overly stimulated fries our brains. If we want more energy, we need less choices, less information coming to us and less chaos. Oftentimes, it’s all the perceived ‘little things’ in life that are thrown to us over and over again that zap our energy. Some ways you can take control and rejuvenate? Simplify your wardrobe; meal prep; organize your house, car and office; kick your toxic partner and friends to the curb; and limit the amount of screen time you use.

Get healthy

We need to do the hard work of keeping mind, body and soul healthy so we can experience the level of stamina and spark we’re looking for. There are no shortcuts around this. Regardless of what other shifts we make, we won’t feel or keep an energy boost long if we aren’t healthy. This means: healing past wounds, controlling stress, moving our bodies, eating nutritiously, drinking more water and honoring our souls.

The key here is showing up consistently. A gym day here or there or a meditation once every few months is not going to have lasting effects. We need to get honest with ourselves about what changes we need to make in life, and we need to commit to making those happen.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need an energy boost, “I invite positive and vibrant energy into my being. I am aware, alert and excited for the moment I am about to create.”

PPS – Sometimes when we’re lacking energy, it’s our soul’s way of telling us it’s not as inspired as it could be. Grab your pen and a journal. What do you believe is your life purpose? Is it to make people laugh or to inspire people? Is it to help create a better tomorrow through your advocacy work? If you’re not sure of what your life’s purpose is, that’s okay. Just consider it. What are you good at that energizes you? That right there can teach you a lot about why you’re here. Once you create a deeper connection with your life purpose, brainstorm ideas about how you could honor your life purpose more. Could you spend more time volunteering? Could you start that podcast you’ve been putting off?

Your Soul knows best

My long-time client Harper is navigating a Dark Night of the SoulHi Harper! Thanks for letting me share this beautiful story.

Dark Night of the Soul is a time of deep spiritual depression and awakening. It’s when our ego is being stripped and the world no longer makes sense the way we knew it. We’re on a journey to understand a deeper sense of self and the world. A Dark Night is typically sparked by something unexpected: a medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, a ‘rock bottom’ with drugs or friends; but sometimes it comes on gradually, with no clear trigger.

In Harper’s case, her Dark Night came on slowly and then accelerated when she found the courage to leave a toxic long-term relationship. She’s been single for a few months and has been doing deep work on understanding unhealthy trends in her relationships so the patterns won’t continue to follow her. Good job Harper!

To help her along her Dark Night, Harper’s soul has asked for more alone time and isolation than she’s used to. Harper’s typically a high-energy extrovert who is literally the life of the party, so coming to terms with a mellow vibe has been challenging.

While in her Dark Night, one long weekend on Harper’s calendar didn’t feel right: the baby shower of a dear friend who lived across the country. It was three days jam-packed with group activities: kayaking, shopping, dining out. And while this is typically Harper’s speed, now it wasn’t.

Harper adores the mother and father-to-be, but she couldn’t ignore her soul’s voice: Stay home.

Harper knew staying home was right, but she was scared to tell her friend. She didn’t want anyone upset or disappointed in her, and she feared being a topic of gossip.

For weeks Harper thought about ‘what to do’ (even though she knew) and procrastinated with having this conversation with her friend. Her worry brought on headaches and fatigue several times.

When Harper finally found the courage to reach out to her friend, guess what happened?

The friend responded with care, love and empathy; Harper’s worries had been self-created.

But wait…The story gets even better.

Two days after their conversation, Harper received a message from her friend:

“I know you must be really hurting if you’re not joining in on the festivities so I’m here to see you, give you a hug and shower you with love for the next 24 hours. I’ll be at your place in two hours.”

Harper felt so seen and cared for. It was a needed reminder that she is worthy of true unconditional and healthy love. Her friend showing up for her during this shift in life was exactly what Harper needed; an important milestone on her healing journey.

There’s so much we can learn from this story, but here’s what I took away:

  • Worrying and procrastination is unneeded self-sabotage. Be kind to yourself and take action.
  • Your soul always knows best.
  • Honor yourself where you are. You’ll be rewarded for showing yourself grace and kindness.
  • True friends are not only there for you through the good times and hard times, they come and find you (sometimes even go across the country) so they can be there with you.

So now I challenge you. How can you stop procrastinating and take action? How can you honor your soul? How can you be a better friend?

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to help you honor where you’re at on your healing journey, “My feelings are real and valid. I’m here to show them love, care and grace.”

PPS – Think about someone who helped you along your healing journey. Grab your pen and paper and jot a note to them. What did they do that helped you? How did they make you feel? As you write, enjoy the feelings this activity evokes: being loved, being accepted, being heard. Use this writing exercise as an opportunity to remember the world is good. If it feels right, consider sending this note of gratitude to the person who helped you.

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