7 ways to preserve your energy

Recently, I’ve noticed more people coming to me feeling drained because they can’t seem to find the energy they need. This lack of energy can make it tough to tackle everyday tasks, which then makes them feel guilty or like they’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of unfinished business.

Does this sound like what you’re experiencing, too?

If so, I want more for you. I want your motivation and energy high and sustained so that you have enough oomph to achieve everything you need to while still having plenty of gusto to take on your goals and dreams.

Give these preserve your energy ideas a try and see what works for you while remembering to be gentle with yourself. There’s a lot of dense, low-energy stuff around us and rising above it isn’t an easy, straightforward task – it takes hope, belief, community, hard work, self-discipline, and more.  

7 ways to preserve your energy

Minimize energy fluctuations: Maintaining a consistent energy level throughout the day is more beneficial than experiencing extreme highs and lows. To achieve this, steer clear of sugary drinks and foods, limit excessive caffeine intake, and focus on eating balanced meals while staying hydrated. I also suggest opting for several small meals over one large one. If you find it challenging to get essential nutrients consistently, consider taking supplements.

Manage stress and take breaks: Prioritize managing stress before it escalates to the point where cortisol takes over, leading to burnout. Taking consistent breaks throughout the day can help.

Release negativity: Repeatedly dwelling on the same issues, harboring anger, or blaming others can drain your energy and hinder progress. Practice acceptance and forgiveness.

Mindful consumption: Be conscious of the energy you invest in activities and entertainment. Lighter and simpler activities, like a leisurely walk or watching a romcom, require less energy than intense experiences such as visiting an amusement park or watching the news. Balance your energy expenditure by pairing demanding tasks, like reading a research book, with simpler activities like gardening.

Establish boundaries: Be selective about where you spend your time and who you interact with. Some environments and people can drain your energy. Get comfortable saying ‘no’ and honoring what your soul needs.

Time management: Align your tasks with your energy levels. If you have high energy in the morning, tackle high-energy tasks first, like brainstorming new business logo ideas or creating social media content. Save lower-energy tasks, such as organizing the junk drawer, for later in the day when your energy is lower.

Strategic work: Identify tasks that can be automated or delegated to save time and energy. Consider using systems and tools or collaborating with others to streamline your workload. I also suggest simplifying your surroundings to reduce mental clutter and save energy. Regularly declutter your space, know where items are located, and eliminate things that no longer serve you.

Here are a few things I’ve done recently to preserve more of my energy:

Keep track of my keys: When I return home, I tend to scatter myself across various spots – my office couch, the dining room table, the kitchen island. I usually come in with three different bags that I don’t unpack. As a consequence, I often find myself frantically searching for my keys the next morning, causing stress and wasting precious morning time. I’ve made an effort to invest an extra 5 minutes when I arrive home to organize my belongings and keys.

Embrace brevity: I tend to be quite wordy in my writing, whether it’s text messages, emails, or grading papers and giving feedback. I’m now focused on maintaining the essence of my message while being more concise.

Streamline my commute: I work in the city a few times a week; Tampa traffic is brutal during rush-hour. To avoid unneeded stress, I’ve been proactive about scheduling friend meet-ups and workouts after work to avoid rush-hour, ensuring a smooth ride home without the frustration of stop-and-go and honking horns. During the drive, I make a point to listen to energizing music or a spiritual podcast for perspective and connection.

Prioritize my day: Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a decline in my overall energy, especially at night. I’m learning to accept this and acknowledge that I can’t do everything I used to. I’ve become more realistic about what I aim to achieve in a day.

I’m sending you love, light and lots of feel-good, vibrant energetic vibes.

Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use to remind you to nourish your energy, “My energy is a precious resource, and I use it wisely by focusing on what truly matters and letting go of the rest.”

PPS – Do you find yourself uncertain about how you allocate your time and energy each day? Are you eager to gain a clearer understanding of where your valuable hours are being spent? If so, grab your pen and journal. Over the next week, make a conscious effort to record both your activities and thoughts. For instance, when you’re commuting home from work, jot down the 30 minutes spent driving, but also take note of what occupies your mind during that time. Are you daydreaming about your upcoming Hawaii vacation, or are you mulling over a work presentation that could have gone smoother? Document as many tasks and thoughts as possible. By the end of the week, you’ll have valuable insights into areas where you may need to adjust.

Author: Danielle Clark

Dr. Danielle Clark is a witty heart-centered millennial. She wears many hats in this beautiful + crazy thing we call life. She is a proud wife, and cat, dog and human mama who works as a psychic medium, intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and business professor. Dr. Danielle’s life work is focused on helping people heal from self-judgement, trauma and grief so that they can release their suffering and tap into the highest version of themselves. Danielle’s been blessed to do that for herself and that’s why she’s made it her mission to pass along her wisdom to others. Danielle is from just north of Boston. She currently lives in the Tampa Bay area. She believes with a little love, grace and humor anything is possible. She invites you to join her blog Onwards at drdanielleclark.com and to connect with her on social media.

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