Shift happens!

In mid-2021, I realized I wanted the new experience of working at a metaphysical shop – and I wanted it bad. I wanted an established community where I could be whisked away to a fast-paced and fun, high-vibing atmosphere. I knew I could gain plenty of retail knowledge, but I desired the healing energy and ‘unexpecteds’ of such an environment.

Within a few months I met a wonderful woman at a mediumship development circle who knew of a metaphysical shop looking for a medium. My prayers to the Universe were delivered.  

For most of 2022, I worked at the Violet Butterfly, serving one-on-one clients and offering a variety of different workshops and mediumship demonstrations. I loved serving my clients there. I was learning new things. I got my wish and I was grateful. Life was good… Until it wasn’t.

Starting in mid-September, the commute to the metaphysical shop became a thorn in my side – the hour-long drive turned to more a chore than an opportunity. I started getting sick more than usual. My soul was telling me it wanted more “me time” and time to focus on my family and different endeavors.

So what exactly happened?

Shift happened.

I have no explanation other than this, and this is important to understand: Sometimes, shift just happens. I fulfilled a goal of mine and it was time to pivot. And so I did.

I gave my notice and parted ways from the Violet Butterfly a few weeks ago. If I had listened to my ego, perhaps I would have stayed longer thanks to a false narrative that creeped into my thoughts every now and then: Danielle you just got here. Why are you leaving so soon? You’re not a quitter. You just need to work harder to juggle everything. Why are you leaving when you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing next?

Fortunately, my ego didn’t win and instead I honored my soul. I’m now feeling more energized, more expansive and I’ve been investing my extra time into my health, my family and the memoir I’m writing. I’m where I need to be, even though I don’t know all the answers of what’s to come.

I am proud that I honored my soul and not my ego. That’s a choice I’ve been actively working with for five years, since I was in a job with a toxic environment and boss. In that job, my soul was drained. I battled against my boss’s demeaning and manipulative communication style, and demanding and at times unfair expectations. My husband and son dealt with my backlash as I regularly came home with massive headaches and low energy levels.

I had received many signs and messages from my higher self to leave, but I stayed. Why? Because my ego’s false narrative dominated my thoughts: Danielle, you won’t find another job if you don’t stay here for at least two years…The title and the money is worth the discomfort… You just need to work harder to juggle everything…

I didn’t listen to my intuition, so the Universe made me listen. I lost the job. In that moment, it was detrimental. But now? It was one of the greatest miracles in my life although looking back on it, I realize things could have gone much smoother if I had made a shift sooner.

What’s the moral of the story? Shift happens. Especially in these fast-changing times.


  • Learn from past events where you resisted change. If something similar from the past is being presented to you, it’s an invitation to do things differently.
  • Listen to your intuition and accept the call to shift, leading to more ease and flow.
  • You don’t need to know or control everything before making a change. Trust your higher self and the Universe.
  • Your wants and needs are at times going to change rapidly. Honor them.

As my dear friend Robyn says, Shift happens. Suffering is optional. If you follow the above, there will be less suffering.

If you need to make change in your life and want a higher perspective to help with that shift, don’t hesitate to book a one-on-one with me. Through intuitive coaching and mediumship, I can help guide and support your change journey.


Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need the courage to make change, “I welcome in the power that comes with honoring my intuition. Regardless of what happens next, I know I am a magnet for abundance.”
PPS – To my Violet Butterfly community, I am sending you love and light. Thank you for your warm embrace and support. I look forward to visiting you at the shop in 2023 with a few special offerings. Stay tuned.

Don’t Put Up With It!

A few weeks ago, a new client Ellen (alias for privacy) booked a mediumship call with me. 

When Ellen came onto the Zoom call, her shoulders were tense, almost folded forward. She wore a frown. This of course isn’t anything new. Often clients seek me out when they are feeling their lowest – depression has taken over, grief is weighing heavy on them, they are feeling stuck, lost or helpless. But something about Ellen’s look and vibe made me feel uncomfortable – there was anger in the way she looked and felt. 

Determined to break the ice and create higher energy, I introduced myself and told Ellen a little about how I worked. As I was talking, she interrupted: “Are you going to connect to my husband and tell me exactly what I need to know? I’m not paying for you to give me an introduction.”

I took a slow and soothing breath and replied, “I will ask your husband to come close. I’ll work hard to talk with him and relay his messages.”

The woman scoffed, “Not good enough. I need specific answers to specific things, including where I may have put my brooch pin.”

I offered a light smile, “Let’s have your husband come in and we will have a chat. I’ll work as hard as I can. Before getting to specifics, let me get into his energy and then once we are chatting with him we can ask about the brooch…”

She rolled her eyes and I closed mine, beginning my connection. “Okay, I feel him stepping close… He feels like a shorter man with a hard work ethic… I think he may have been a drinker… He used to love working on his cars… Would you understand this?”

Ellen squinted her eyes and then threw up her arms, “That sounds like many men. How do I know this is my husband?”

I answered, “Please be patient. I’ll give you more detail; we are just starting. But does this sound like him?”

Ellen said, “Yes.”

Once Ellen said ‘yes’ her husband came closer to me. He was delighted to have her recognize him. He then started talking to me about his religious upbringing, his alcoholic dad, how he used to love Ellen’s meatloaf, the family baseball game memories… He then shifted the conversation to an apology. He wanted me to ensure Ellen knew he was sorry for his bad temper and drinking in the marriage. 

As I lovingly relayed this information, Ellen again interrupted me. I could feel her coldness through the computer. She slammed her hands on the desk, “I don’t care about any of this. You’re not doing your job. Where is my brooch pin?”

I paused. I collected my thoughts and said, “Ellen. I am going to end our session. Your husband was eager to talk to you but your negative energy is too much for me to work with. Your husband leaves you with love and an apology. I will refund you and I wish you all the best on your journey and do hope you find your brooch.”

Ellen gave me a sharp, ‘fine’ and we ended the call.

Putting up boundaries. Respecting my sacred craft. While these things don’t necessarily come easy (after all, I am a recovering people-pleaser which stems from my traumatic childhood), I’m doing them more and more every day and I’m proud of this.

Do I have an abundance of empathy for Ellen? Yes, I most certainly do but that doesn’t mean I need to ‘put up with’ someone’s coldness.

I know Spirit supported my decision as I felt their love around me after I ended the call. For several minutes, my guides embraced me in a powerful, energetic hug and I enjoyed the warm tingles I experienced up and down my neck.

I hope this story gives you power to speak your truth and walk away when it serves you.

Please remember: to serve Spirit, you don’t need to be a people-pleaser – you need to be whole. The best thing we can do to honor Spirit is to preserve our health – mind, body and soul. Afterall, we are Spirit too.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need to find the power to say ‘no’ – ‘I am firm with others when needed. My needs and well-being come before anything else.’
PPS – Setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ can be hard, especially if we must do so in the moment. But setting your boundaries proactively can help you reflect and prepare. Grab your pen and paper. Are there any difficult yet needed conversations you could have in the next few days? Could you call your brother and tell him not to ask you for money anymore as it makes you uncomfortable? Maybe have lunch with your friend and ask her not to spread your personal information you share in confidence? Write out a list and consider taking action before the next ‘thing’ pops up.

Lean into the energy of Fall

A universal feeling most of us want more of is ease and flow. Wouldn’t you agree?

You probably wouldn’t start an intense cleaning project at 9pm because the late evening hours feel like a time for rest and creative rejuvenation. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer feel like something too – that feeling is energy – an invitation by Mother Nature to shift.

The energy of a season can give us subtle hints of what we could lean into so that we’re in flow with the Universe – as opposed to feeling like we are swimming against the current, or like we’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Ideally, we want that “go with the grain,” “I’m in the zone” kind of feeling.

When we realize how closely our lives are linked to nature, we start to experience more harmony and oneness with ourselves and the world:

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to put my senses in order.” – John Burroughs Here are some things to consider if you decide you want to lean further into the energy of Autumn and embrace the flow.

Fall is a season of rich color: deep purple leaves, bright red apples, and vibrant orange pumpkins.

How can you bring more color into your life, literally or metaphorically? Here’s a couple ideas:

  • Replace the outdated pictures in the living room with more colorful photos from a recent trip
  • Add a pop of color to your wardrobe
  • Fall could be an invitation to experience more color in general, like an art gallery or museum

Leaves fall in the Fall, after going through a beautiful change process.

What things could you change about yourself this season, and then let fall away?

  • Perhaps you could be gentler to yourself and release limiting beliefs you’ve been holding?
  • Maybe it’s time to re-organize your closet and let go of the clothing that no longer gives you joy?
  • Do you have a habit that’s more harm than good? Set aside time to kick it to the curb.

In Fall, we start to see the Sun less and it gets cooler.

How could you go inwards more?

  • Perhaps by reinvigorating your meditation practice or starting some reflective journaling?
  • Maybe scheduling more walks outside? (Psst, leave your phone at home or in your car’s console for an extra dose of solace. Worried about safety? Keep pepper spray on your keychain.)

And how could you begin to change the pace of your life and go a bit slower?

  • Could you remove social events on your calendar that don’t serve you?
  • Could you say ‘no’ a little more at work when someone asks you to take on yet another task?

Some of these ideas may click with you, and others not. To help you get a better sense of direction you could go, here are some shifts I’ve been personally making to honor the energy Fall has to offer:

  • I’ve been working on letting go and cutting back. I’ve canceled commitments that no longer feel right. I’m not buying and consuming as much food, giving me a deeper sense of gratitude for all I have.
  • To give myself more sacred time, I’ve been reading. Instead of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning and right before bed, the last few weeks I’ve been regularly enjoying the book Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks.
  • I’ve been making it a point to go out to go for a walk early in the AM or late at night so I can experience the magnificent weather change Mother Nature has brought.

Send me a note and tell me what Autumn shifts you’ve made or plan to make. I’d love to hear from you.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to help you stay grounded as you find your ease: “I embrace change and will give myself grace through this period of transition in my life.”
PPS – Still not sure where or how to find your flow in this season? Grab a pen and journal. Sometimes change doesn’t happen right away… sometimes we need to commit to a habit or lifestyle shift to see change over time. What’s something you can commit to, maybe daily or weekly, that can create positive change for you? Write down a list. Maybe it’s putting $50 more into your retirement monthly. Or 10 minutes of stretching a day to help with your everyday movements (squatting to pick up toys? Check!). Try to write down at least three ideas, then choose one. See how long you can commit! I’m rooting for you.

Life is Hard

The last few months have been hard.

I was sick twice from overworking myself. When will I learn?

I got into an altercation with my boss. This one absolutely sucked as it triggered a lot of self-worth and validation issues within me.

My family and I evacuated for Hurricane Ian as we were supposed to be a direct hit. Fortunately, we are now at home safe and settled, but nonetheless, we were stressed for several days and our regular rhythm was broken.

And I’ve just felt off and a bit lost, physically and mentally. The hardest part about this is I haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly why. I’ve let my workout routine slip. I’ve found myself falling down mental rabbit holes. I’m not as happy about things that usually make me happy.

Life is hard.

Fortunately, when I was feeling at my lowest, I had beautiful friends to lean on who held space for me and shared their hard with me too, making me feel less alone.

One friend who didn’t know I’d had a rough few weeks reached out and asked if we could talk. When we did, she shared she had been having suicidal thoughts. Her vulnerability and trust in me gave me deep healing. It also gave me perspective: I wasn’t as lost as I had been telling myself. We had a beautiful open chat, and by the end of it, we both went our ways feeling lighter.

A few days later, when I texted a different friend and told her I was struggling, she said ‘me too’ and divulged she was having a ‘survival week’ (I love that phrase!) and that she was coping by smoking a butt and having a Dairy Queen ice cream in her car to escape home life for a while. This image made me chuckle, and again I was reminded that I wasn’t as alone as I felt: life can have its moments of hard for all of us.

I’m writing today to be that friend I had when I was feeling low.

Please remember, you are not alone.  

Talk about your hard. Ask others to talk about their hard. Surround yourself with a balanced view of the world, the good and bad, the light and dark.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you’re navigating a hard time, ‘I am safe, understood and supported. I trust all things will unfold in perfect timing.’

PPS – Sometimes when we’re feeling low, we forget there is beauty, hope, and positives all around us. Grab your pen and paper. Write ten things that are ‘good’ about life or specifically your life. This could be something you’re grateful for or something that makes you happy or proud. For example: Your daughter kisses you good morning every day. You have an upcoming date on the calendar you’re excited about. You just received a promotion and you’re feeling ready to manage a team. Now that you’ve written your list, place your hand on your heart as you read your list out loud, so that you feel the positive vibes your list has to offer.

Here’s That Energy Boost You’ve Been Looking For

 “I want more energy” is something I hear frequently from my intuitive life coaching clients.

My lawyer client wants more time to work on his music side project, or a burnt-out project manager and mother of three needs help finding her zest again as she can’t find the spark to do anything besides binge-watch Netflix when she gets home.

While my advice is always tailored specifically to the person and situation, there are nuggets of wisdom that apply to many. I want to share some with you today because I care about you, and I want you to experience a new level of vigor so you can find growth toward the best version of yourself. Some of these wisdom nuggets may even help you achieve some of your wildest dreams.

Here’s a few tips to consider when working to increase your energy:

Change your framing

If our words and thoughts come from a place of lack, we’ll feel a sense of absence which drains our energy. That’s why it’s so important to make sure our words and thoughts vibe from a place of abundance, as an abundance mindset gives us an energy boost.

With this being said, be careful about using phrases such as, “I’m too busy,” or “I never have enough time,” and instead come from a place of having everything you need. You can acknowledge your abundance with word shifts such as, “My plate is full and I’m grateful,” and “I have enough time to make sure the right things get done.”

Say ‘yes’ to joy and ‘no’ to the other stuff

How often do we settle? We go to a subpar restaurant because it’s convenient. We listen to our brother vent about his life for the fifth time this week because ‘it’s the right thing to do.’ We watch a movie with our family that we could care less about but do it anyway to make everyone else happy.

Any activity that doesn’t give us joy is taking us away from our natural state of being: love, joy and happiness. Knowing this, it’s critical that we say “no” as much as possible to the things that aren’t in line with our true selves. Declining things that don’t give us joy will give us more fulfillment and meaning in our lives… and that means more sustained energy for you!

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Being overly stimulated fries our brains. If we want more energy, we need less choices, less information coming to us and less chaos. Oftentimes, it’s all the perceived ‘little things’ in life that are thrown to us over and over again that zap our energy. Some ways you can take control and rejuvenate? Simplify your wardrobe; meal prep; organize your house, car and office; kick your toxic partner and friends to the curb; and limit the amount of screen time you use.

Get healthy

We need to do the hard work of keeping mind, body and soul healthy so we can experience the level of stamina and spark we’re looking for. There are no shortcuts around this. Regardless of what other shifts we make, we won’t feel or keep an energy boost long if we aren’t healthy. This means: healing past wounds, controlling stress, moving our bodies, eating nutritiously, drinking more water and honoring our souls.

The key here is showing up consistently. A gym day here or there or a meditation once every few months is not going to have lasting effects. We need to get honest with ourselves about what changes we need to make in life, and we need to commit to making those happen.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need an energy boost, “I invite positive and vibrant energy into my being. I am aware, alert and excited for the moment I am about to create.”

PPS – Sometimes when we’re lacking energy, it’s our soul’s way of telling us it’s not as inspired as it could be. Grab your pen and a journal. What do you believe is your life purpose? Is it to make people laugh or to inspire people? Is it to help create a better tomorrow through your advocacy work? If you’re not sure of what your life’s purpose is, that’s okay. Just consider it. What are you good at that energizes you? That right there can teach you a lot about why you’re here. Once you create a deeper connection with your life purpose, brainstorm ideas about how you could honor your life purpose more. Could you spend more time volunteering? Could you start that podcast you’ve been putting off?

Healing Doesn’t Mean that Hurt Doesn’t Exist

I am a trauma survivor.

Dad was an alcoholic and verbally abusive. “What are you, stupid?” was his turn of phrase for me, and I wouldn’t see him for days as he’d work from dawn until dusk hit. Then he’d be at the bar.

Mom struggled with mental health issues and had her own addictions. It didn’t matter if I came home with an ‘A’ or an ‘F’, she always turned a cold shoulder to me.

This trauma-filled upbringing eventually led me to selling painkillers, giving my body to men in unhealthy ways and loathing myself. I carried a tremendous amount of shame.

But, despite years of abuse and carrying that load around with me (usually in the forms of anxiety, depression and escapism), today I am balanced and healthy. My past is not the primary focus of my here and now. I’ve forgiven others. I’ve forgiven myself. I love myself.

I attribute my healing to a variety of modalities and actions: yoga, quitting smoking, talk therapy, mediumship readings, journaling, self-coaching myself, nature walks, caring for my pup, reading memoirs, spiritual books and self-help books, sharing my story with others, opening up to my friends and family, and leaning into my faith – just to name a few.  

But know, that despite my incredible healing journey, my complex trauma is still with me. For example:

  • I require a lot of confirmation from husband. Are we good? Do you love me? Are you proud of me? Good ol’ validation issues!
  • I worry about my husband leaving me even though we’ve been together eighteen years and I know I’m the love of his life. I see you, abandonment issues!
  • I am triggered when my husband has a few drinks and has a little slur (he rarely drinks). Thanks Dad!
  • I get down on myself when I’m not being ‘a perfect parent’. Hello, overcompensating!
  • I’ll catch myself zoning out unnecessarily thinking about hard events from my past. Thanks for the memories, trauma!

I share this because I want you to know healing doesn’t mean that hurt doesn’t exist, it means the hurt and damage no longer controls our lives.

Not only am I a trauma survivor, I also prosper and thrive. And I want the same for you.

Every day, I choose to navigate my trauma. I make a conscious decision, day in and day out to do the hard work. I hope you knowing that gives you the power to show yourself dedication, grace and acceptance on your healing path.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to support your recovery journey, “The past no longer has a grip on me. I’m balanced and in control.”

PPS – It’s human nature to focus on what’s not working as opposed to what is. Let’s flip that script. Grab a pen and journal. Think about your healing journey to date. What progress have you made? What words, thoughts and behaviors have you shifted? After journaling for a few minutes read your work aloud and give yourself some well-deserved kudos.

Your Soul knows best

My long-time client Harper is navigating a Dark Night of the SoulHi Harper! Thanks for letting me share this beautiful story.

Dark Night of the Soul is a time of deep spiritual depression and awakening. It’s when our ego is being stripped and the world no longer makes sense the way we knew it. We’re on a journey to understand a deeper sense of self and the world. A Dark Night is typically sparked by something unexpected: a medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, a ‘rock bottom’ with drugs or friends; but sometimes it comes on gradually, with no clear trigger.

In Harper’s case, her Dark Night came on slowly and then accelerated when she found the courage to leave a toxic long-term relationship. She’s been single for a few months and has been doing deep work on understanding unhealthy trends in her relationships so the patterns won’t continue to follow her. Good job Harper!

To help her along her Dark Night, Harper’s soul has asked for more alone time and isolation than she’s used to. Harper’s typically a high-energy extrovert who is literally the life of the party, so coming to terms with a mellow vibe has been challenging.

While in her Dark Night, one long weekend on Harper’s calendar didn’t feel right: the baby shower of a dear friend who lived across the country. It was three days jam-packed with group activities: kayaking, shopping, dining out. And while this is typically Harper’s speed, now it wasn’t.

Harper adores the mother and father-to-be, but she couldn’t ignore her soul’s voice: Stay home.

Harper knew staying home was right, but she was scared to tell her friend. She didn’t want anyone upset or disappointed in her, and she feared being a topic of gossip.

For weeks Harper thought about ‘what to do’ (even though she knew) and procrastinated with having this conversation with her friend. Her worry brought on headaches and fatigue several times.

When Harper finally found the courage to reach out to her friend, guess what happened?

The friend responded with care, love and empathy; Harper’s worries had been self-created.

But wait…The story gets even better.

Two days after their conversation, Harper received a message from her friend:

“I know you must be really hurting if you’re not joining in on the festivities so I’m here to see you, give you a hug and shower you with love for the next 24 hours. I’ll be at your place in two hours.”

Harper felt so seen and cared for. It was a needed reminder that she is worthy of true unconditional and healthy love. Her friend showing up for her during this shift in life was exactly what Harper needed; an important milestone on her healing journey.

There’s so much we can learn from this story, but here’s what I took away:

  • Worrying and procrastination is unneeded self-sabotage. Be kind to yourself and take action.
  • Your soul always knows best.
  • Honor yourself where you are. You’ll be rewarded for showing yourself grace and kindness.
  • True friends are not only there for you through the good times and hard times, they come and find you (sometimes even go across the country) so they can be there with you.

So now I challenge you. How can you stop procrastinating and take action? How can you honor your soul? How can you be a better friend?

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to help you honor where you’re at on your healing journey, “My feelings are real and valid. I’m here to show them love, care and grace.”

PPS – Think about someone who helped you along your healing journey. Grab your pen and paper and jot a note to them. What did they do that helped you? How did they make you feel? As you write, enjoy the feelings this activity evokes: being loved, being accepted, being heard. Use this writing exercise as an opportunity to remember the world is good. If it feels right, consider sending this note of gratitude to the person who helped you.

Language Matters

There’s a lot of conversation happening right now on the terms we use to describe people and how we say them. New terms and phrases have been coined. Past terms are being evaluated and labeled as offensive, racist, sexist or other. Good and needed work is being done and I’m grateful for it – but at times it overwhelms me.

I share this openly with you because like me, I know you’re striving to be a good person – you’re out in the world working, staying healthy, being present for your family, and making things happen for the better. On top of all that, perhaps you’re trying to keep up with the economy, your spiritual practice, your kid’s crazy sports schedule, politics, and who knows what else. It’s a lot! And I want you to realize it’s a lot and to not feel bad if you haven’t memorized all the new terms or even learned what the new ones are.

Throughout the wide spectrum of language conversation, my thoughts have ranged from, Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been using this term for so long without fully understanding its impact. I’m changing immediately to, Okay, hold up! Perhaps we’re taking this PC, inclusivity thing a bit too far, to the point where we are creating a division amongst others.

And while I admit I’ve been exhausted at times, I also acknowledge that I am better off for leaning into what I don’t understand, considering the impact my words have and shifting my language as my mind and soul guide me.

For example, up until a few years ago, if someone died by suicide, I said they, ‘committed suicide’. I never thought about my word choice as that phrase had been handed down to me and used regularly by others. But now, thanks to the open language conversations society is having, I realize those words I spoke many times had negative consequences.

By using the word ‘committed’ I was saying the person was culpable, that they performed some crime or sin. And this is far from my belief system. As a psychic medium, I’ve had the honor of connecting with lots of beautiful souls who have crossed over by suicide and they are just as high vibing, loved, and accepted by God as someone who has passed away in what we consider as a more natural or typical way. As a medium, from my direct experience, I know nothing ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ was ‘committed’ when they decided to end their lives; instead, beautiful souls decided to go home in a different way and God was happy to see them.

Shifting my word choice was hard at first. I’d slip up out of habit and say ‘committed’. If I noticed this mistake in the moment, I’d show myself grace and correct it. Over time, saying ‘died by suicide’ became a part of my regular vocabulary (although I do still slip up now and then) and this language change has brought me and others lots of peace.

In short, yes, this language thing can be exhausting, and that’s okay! But just because it’s exhausting, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put in the hard work, because it matters. Language matters.

But we also need a balance. Unlearning and re-learning take time and patience. And to be that good person you strive to be, you don’t need to be ‘perfect’. You don’t always need to know the ‘right’ thing to say and how to say it. You can make slip-ups and mistakes. To be good (great in fact), all you need to do is open your heart and try.

I thank you. Humanity thanks you.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you’re overwhelmed with how fast things are moving and changing, ‘I am aware of myself and the world. I trust the timing of my growth and humanity’s.’
PPS – Is there a word or term you regularly hear that doesn’t sit well with you? Grab your pen and journal. How does that word or term make you feel? Why does it make you feel that way? What would you like to hear instead? After journaling for several minutes, review what you’ve written and consider sharing it with those who need to hear it or perhaps sharing your message with a greater community. Remember, knowledge is power, and giving your truth is an amazing gift to the world. Also remember, that it’s okay if you aren’t ready to express your truth; these things take time. Regardless of your path, be proud that you invested time in better understanding and processing your feelings.

Financial Abundance is Yours; Here’s How

With costs rising and the economy uncertain, it’s time for many of us to financially reset. This means honoring where we’re at and making changes accordingly.

Oftentimes, when things financially change (like gas prices hiking or rent going up) we continue to march on like nothing has happened. We protect what we’ve always known and deny our reality. This approach works for a bit – until it doesn’t.

Then suddenly we’re in over our heads and have no choice but to make a fear-based change: I have no choice but to cancel my gym membership, or I won’t be able to make rent this month if I keep eating out.

This leads me to a golden rule when co-creating financial abundance with the Universe: Don’t wait too long to make a shift.

Be so in tune, so in flow and so open to change that you’re making micro changes to your finances and way of life freely without creating negative energy that ‘forces’ you to do something. Once you start feeling things get tighter, accept reality and pivot. Make your coffee at home as opposed to going to Starbucks. Take on a few extra clients even though it’s not how you pictured your summer schedule looking.

Money. Finances. Abundance. It’s all energy, so it’s important to keep that energy high vibing. Afterall, you want the good things flowing your way – like a pay raise or finding a special sale on an item you’ve been eyeing.

So, how do you keep the vibes high? For starters, don’t attach negative vibes to making financial shifts. If you’re going to switch to generic brands to save a few bucks, feel proud about the decision, not mad that you ‘have to do this’. If you cancel your Disney Plus and Netflix accounts to help support your commute costs, instead of sulking about it, get excited about the added time in your life so you can get outside more.

Also, along the lines of ‘it’s all energy’, the Universe doesn’t look at financial health in a silo. Physical health. Spiritual health. Emotional health. That’s all energy too and the higher vibing we are in those areas, the easier it is for Universe to flow abundance our way – in general and yes, financially. Focus on your general well-being and practice gratitude in every area of your life. It all connects.

To help energize your financial abundance even more, here’s a few final ideas to consider. You’ll know which ones are for you. Trust your intuition.

  • Honor what your soul wants you to do: Yup! It may be time for you to leave your toxic job or start that business you’ve dreamed about for years. You’ll be amazed at the abundance that finds you once you start following your heart.
  • Perform a reality check: Review your bank and credit card statements regularly. Create a new budget. Pinpoint where you may have limited beliefs about money. It can feel scary, but this grounded practice will help you. The Universe will meet you where you are and help you vibe higher. I promise.
  • Take action: While thinking, planning and brainstorming certainly serves a purpose, it’s results you’re looking for which means you need to take action. Negotiate a better APR on your credit card. Submit your resume to that job you’ve told yourself is out of your league. Sell the treadmill that’s collecting dust.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you’re overwhelmed with change, ‘I have the power to shift and move with ease and grace. My perception is my reality.’
PPS – Whenever you make a step towards financial abundance, grab your pen and journal and capture it! Remember, positive vibes while manifesting financial abundance is a must. To add to the good vibes, read through your weekly accomplishments and give yourself some much needed kudos – and even a splurge! Creating financial abundance doesn’t mean we deprive ourselves, so celebrate by buying those extra nice bath salts or enjoying a dinner out with your best friend.

Say ‘Yes’ to Offers of Help

On Mother’s Day I went to a morning yoga class with a new teacher, Val. She opened the class by offering us all beautiful red roses. As she walked around the room, wishing us Happy Mother’s Day and passing out the thoughtful gift, I sensed Val was emotionally hurting. Her eyes were sunken and the rose stems trembled in her hands.

When Val addressed the class to dedicate her practice to all mothers here and passed on, my suspicions came true; her voice was shaky as she quickly wiped away a few tears.

As the class moved on, Val found her flow which helped us find ours. As we did our downward dogs and forward folds, we all became one, connected by love.

Although Val’s voice was now soothing and steady, I couldn’t quite keep my mind from drifting. I kept receiving intuitive nudges to offer Val a mediumship reading after class. I’d never done that before: go up to someone, inform them I’m a medium and ask if they want a reading. A little out of the ordinary for me, but something told me it would be good for both me and Val.

Through my cat cows and warrior poses, my enthusiasm grew thinking about the unexpected healing I could offer Val on such a sacred day. I hoped she’d say ‘yes’ to my offering so that I could return the favor of her kindness, of the gorgeous roses and her talented yoga teachings.

After our shavasana, I went up to her, introduced myself and asked if she had time for a reading after everyone left.

“Yes” she said, with a few slow tears and a warm smile.

For forty-five minutes or so, I gave Val evidence and healing words from the other side, showing her that her loved ones were always with her. During our time together I was able to pass on much needed ‘I’m sorry’s’ from family members on the other side and provide Val perspective on some heavy decisions she had to make.

At the end of the reading, Val said, “Thank you sincerely. This was such a blessing and the healing I needed. I have never seen a medium before but I asked God to put one in my path. You are a sign from God. And you’ve helped me so much.”

I left the yoga studio filled with pride, purpose and a deeper connection to myself, Val and Spirit.

By Val saying ‘yes’ to my offer to help, she gave me the best present I received that Mother’s Day and I will hold her and our time together in my heart forever.

It’s my hope, the next time someone offers you help, and your first reaction is to say ‘no’ (perhaps because you don’t want to bother someone or appear weak), think about the enormous gift Val gave me by saying ‘yes’ and consider saying ‘yes’ yourself.

Join me in spreading my messages of breaking judgement habits and strengthening intuition even further: forward this blog to a few family members and friendsThe greater the shares, the greater the impact – They can subscribe here.  


Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you are struggling to accept help, ‘I accept love and support from others as a way of honoring me and them.’
PPS – It’s never too late to ask for help. Grab your pen and a journal. What areas of your life do you need more support in? Childcare? Career advice? An ear so you can talk things out with someone? Now that you have a better idea of priorities, start listing people you could go to for help. Consider those you’ve said ‘no’ to in the past. Has this article motivated you to say ‘yes’? Give it a go: write out a plan for how you’ll reach out to them.

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