Summer detox tips for higher summer vibes

Summer is in full swing. The longer days. The festivals, celebrations, vacations, and the sunburns (that hopefully tan), the sandy cards, and the missing flip-flops. Or is that last one just me?

For me, summer brings a sense of vitality paired with a more relaxed mindset; the extra warmth and light (especially here in Florida) provide me with more energy (and sweat), a sense of deeper gratitude and a deeper connection with Mother Nature, especially with water.

Because of the light and bright summer feel, I’ve found it to be an excellent season to detox mind, body and soul giving me an even higher summer vibe.

In no particular order, here are a few detoxes I’ve incorporated and some ideas on how you can too:

Calendar Detox: Participate in more spontaneous activities, block off days to just ‘live in the moment’, and cancel plans that don’t energize you. Too much planning keeps us rigid. This detox invites flexibility and flow into your life. I’ve been saying ‘yes’ a lot more when an invite comes my way and feel more free and alive. 

Cry: Yes! You read that right. Make space to open your heart. Read a sappy beach-read novel. Volunteer at the local shelter. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner while you’re fishing on the lake. Crying is a beautiful emotional cleanse that releases stress-related hormones and gives us a sense of renewal and emotional clarity.

Technology Detox: Easier, said than done, I know, but it’s so worth it. To get the full effect of a technology detox, leave all technology at home for a fun summer day out, including your smart watch and ask others who are with you for the day to do the same. If you’re not ready to go all in, you can commit to not watching TV for a week and instead spend your nights crafting on the porch or taking a long stroll in your neighborhood. Getting a break from technology has many benefits including enhanced focus, creativity, and productivity.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Water, fruit and veggie infused water, and organic juices are excellent for helping to flush unwanted chemicals (like too many peach margaritas) from our bodies. Summer favorites of mine include turmeric pineapple water and beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice.  Iced green tea is also a great detox as it packs lots of antioxidants.

Sweat: Thanks to the mounds of sunscreen and mosquito spray we consume, our skin and body may be suffering from chemical overload. Regularly sweating will help to remove toxins from your body. Fortunately, finding ways to sweat in the summer is easy. You can ride your bike, go for a run, play pickleball. Be sure to shower soon after sweating to remove any residual chemicals. If sweating isn’t your thing, dry brushing can help bring chemicals up to the surface, allowing them to leave your body.

Breathwork: Adding breathwork to your summer increases oxygen flow in the body, improving circulation and nourishing cells. Oxygen plays a crucial role in the body’s natural detoxification processes. Yoga and long night time strolls are two spaces where I do deep belly breathing activities.

I’m sending you and your summer so much love. 

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use to remind yourself of the power you hold in your wellness journey, “I design a life of well-being. My choices create healing and rejuvenation.”

PPS – To offer you additional support on your summer detox journey, you may want to consider starting a food and beverage log. If this calls to you, grab your pen and journal. Between BBQs and beers and extra sweets, summer can knock us off our health goals if we aren’t careful. That’s why creating a daily log to track your food and beverage intake may be helpful.

Write down everything you consume, including meals, snacks, and beverages. Reflect on how certain foods make you feel and identify any patterns or triggers that may affect your body and mood. Use this log to make conscious choices and gradually incorporate more detoxifying foods (leafy greens and citrus are great) and hydrating beverages (see above) into your diet as needed.

Author: Danielle Clark

Dr. Danielle Clark is a witty heart-centered millennial. She wears many hats in this beautiful + crazy thing we call life. She is a proud wife, and cat, dog and human mama who works as a psychic medium, intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and business professor. Dr. Danielle’s life work is focused on helping people heal from self-judgement, trauma and grief so that they can release their suffering and tap into the highest version of themselves. Danielle’s been blessed to do that for herself and that’s why she’s made it her mission to pass along her wisdom to others. Danielle is from just north of Boston. She currently lives in the Tampa Bay area. She believes with a little love, grace and humor anything is possible. She invites you to join her blog Onwards at and to connect with her on social media.

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