Signs are subtle

February 6th was my 38th birthday, my 38th trip around the sun.

Two days before my special day, I asked Spirit to send me some special gifts to help me celebrate.

On my birthday morning, I went to Orangetheory Fitness. I figured getting active and showing my body love and appreciation was a perfect way to honor my life. When I arrived, the woman behind the desk said she had assigned me to rower 6. I smiled. Of course she had! Even though rowing is my arch nemesis (OTF-goers, do you share my pain?!), I was still grateful for the synchronicity.

An hour later, after a much-needed shower, I took my yellow lab Charlie out for a stroll. As we walked down the sidewalk, a brilliant red cardinal caught my eye. This majestic bird fluttered his wings and locked eyes with me. Whenever I see a cardinal, I feel it’s a sign from Spirit, a special gift in and of itself.

But there was something especially significant about this sighting: the day before while we were walking the neighborhood, my husband observed it had been awhile since we’ve seen the cardinals out and about. I agreed and he responded, “With the warmer weather here, hopefully, we’ll see them soon.”

As I watched the red cardinal fly across the rooftops and onto the next neighborhood, I paused, thanking Spirit for their gifts.

From my experience, this is how Spirit works. Spirit is artful, clever and practical. They will work with the nature and people in our lives to create these perfect moments of harmony and connection between our physical world and the spiritual realm. We just need to slow down enough to see them and open our hearts up enough to believe and feel them.

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Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium

PS – Use this affirmation when you want to strengthen your connection to Spirit, “I am divinely created and divinely supported. I am in sync with the love, signs and synchronicities Spirit sends me.”

PPS – When we write something, we amplify its energy. Grab your pen and journal. Write a letter to Spirit. This can be to God, a loved one in Spirit, your Spirit guides, your angels, whoever feels right. Ask them to send you a gift. For the next week, be open to the signs and synchronies you receive (remember, Spirit is subtle – my gentle reminder to you to slow down and observe). Make sure to capture these gifts (like my rower 6 and the cardinal) in your journal. Then, write a second note to thank Spirit for the gifts.

Asking + Awareness + Gratitude = More connection with Spirit.

Signs are all around us

A few days a month I work at a super cute metaphysical shop (if you’re in the Palm Harbor area, come and check us out. I offer psychic and mediumship readings, demonstrations and workshops and would love to have you with us).

One afternoon last month, I overheard a customer say in excitement, ‘On the day my mother Lisa passed away, me and my siblings decided to go out to lunch to reminisce. And guess what? You won’t believe this! The waitress’s name was Lisa!’

The owner smiled. Of course, the owner believed it…

Why? Because she has heard and directly experienced hundreds of similar stories. And I have too. That’s how it is when you’re ‘spiritually linked in’.

My Dad lived in Stoneham, Massachusetts most his life. His telephone prefix (which was also mine as a kid) was 438. After Dad passed away, I’d wake up at 4:38am on the dot and look right at the alarm clock. I also started seeing license plates with 438 on them regularly. Keep in mind I am not an early riser (the hubby will verify) nor had I ever noticed a 438 license plate before.

Hopefully I have you realizing: It’s true. Signs and synchronicities from our loved ones are all around us.

But perhaps you haven’t seen a sign in awhile or perhaps ever? If you haven’t, no worries. Your loved ones are still with you – they are always with you and I can assure you they are trying to get messages to you. You just might need a sign to see the sign – like this blog post.

The #1 thing we can do to be open to receiving signs is shutting down our pesky I don’t know for sure that this is a sign voice. Easier said than done, I know. I’m a medium and at times still experience doubt.

But, there’s hope for us if we stay open and know what we’re looking for.

Here’s a small list (of many) possible ways your loved ones in spirit may be trying to get your attention:

  • Music: If you find yourself thinking of your loved one in spirit and then you turn on the radio and their favorite band is on, this is no coincidence.
  • Animals + Birds: Has a deer been spending extra time in your back lawn? Has a cardinal locked eye with you? Has your pet been out-of-the-ordinary affectionate? That’s your loved one working their energy through other life forces to say hello.
  • Numbers: Out of nowhere are you seeing triple digits? Perhaps 111 or 222? Or maybe you’ve started to see another meaningful number (like your loved ones’ birth year) on license plates, receipts and emails? That’s them working their magic.
  • Odd Objects, Perfectly Placed: If you’re out for a nature walk and come across something that catches your eye: a penny, a red handkerchief (your grandpa always had a handkerchief with him!), a feather…Yup, that’s them too! Or maybe the ring you’ve been looking for mysteriously ends up on your nightstand. You can thank your loved one in spirit for that as well!

Once you receive a sign, send thanks. Our loved ones in spirit appreciate our gratitude and will continue sending us more signs. 

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PS – The exact time I finished writing this article and saved it was 11:11. Wow spirit is good!

PPS – To help combat doubt about the signs you’re receiving, it can be beneficial to keep a journal. Every day, capture anything and everything that sparks you as unique: A license plate. An email. A song. Be sure to also write about what you were doing and thinking about before and after you received the sign. Every few weeks review your journal notes. Now that you have several signs documented, is it easier to see that they aren’t just coincidences? Are you able to make deeper meaning from your signs, helping to strengthen your belief? For example, do you see a cardinal right before a special family day like your deceased mom’s birthday?  

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Dad treasured his wood furniture. Every week, he’d break out the Pine-Sol and polish his tables, his bedframe and his Lane cedar hope chest. He cherished his wooden possessions so much so, that when we were younger, he placed a strict “No touch!” policy on me and my siblings.

While Dad was never diagnosed, looking back on his behaviors I believe he had some form of OCD. If one of us kids was even an arm’s-length away from a wooden dining chair or God-forbid his hope chest, Dad’s body would tense up and he’d scowl, “Get out of here. You’re too close.” Dad literally feared a scratch or ding. This deep connection to his possessions always struck me as odd. I remember thinking to myself, Why do we have this beautiful dining room set if we’re never allowed to use it?

Regardless of my Dad’s quirks and flaws, I have always been a daddy’s girl. Dad is one of the greatest loves and teachers of my life.

So when Dad died eight years ago, I was crushed. My first instinct was to hang on to everything he owned and cherished, but I knew I didn’t have the space. And so, I got rid of most of his larger pieces (including the dining room set I never had a chance to eat on), but decided to keep his hope chest.

It felt odd taking his hope chest home. For all my childhood I was barely allowed near it, and then it was in my bedroom. I put a doily on it for protection and dusted it a few times a week. I’d get out the Pine-Sol every few weeks. I was always nervous about something happening to it and doing right by Dad.

Fast forward a few years. My family and I decided to move from just outside of Boston to the Tampa Bay area. Somehow in the move, the chest got a nick in it.

Although the size of the ding was smaller than ¼ of a Cheerio (Think: the size of scratch that an ant would leave, if it could), it felt like the size of a baseball. I felt guilty. Disrespectful to Dad. I’d go to sleep staring at the big horrific gaping hole (don’t we love the illusions of guilt?) and would pray to Dad, I am so sorry. I understand if you’re upset. I’m careless. I should have done better.

Fast forward again. This time to a few months later. I was on a call with my spiritual mentor April who’s also a psychic medium. Seemingly out of the blue she said, “Honey. Your Dad is here. You keep hurting yourself every night. What are you doing to yourself, sweet child? It has something to do with a piece of furniture. Did something get wrecked? Your Dad is saying he doesn’t care. All he cares about is you. You need to stop being so hard on yourself.”

Tears poured down my face. I cried and cried some more. In that moment, I released it all. The anxiety Dad gave me as a child. The need to be perfect and follow his rules. The false idea that Dad is up in Heaven upset about a furniture scratch (I mean really, in hindsight how crazy of me to think that Dad has the ability to travel pretty much anywhere he wants and enjoy the freedoms of afterlife, but instead he’s worrying about a small dent on a piece of furniture).

Today, Dad’s cedar chest is in my bedroom proudly displaying its ding. Sure, I could sand it down. Put polish over it. But why? It’s a perfect reminder that mistakes and imperfections are only perceived and that my loved ones in spirit aren’t spending their time sweating the small stuff – and neither should I.

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PS – Here’s a self-forgiveness affirmation, “I release the past and the weight it has brought me. All that exists is now.”

PPS – Oftentimes we let a perceived bad experience sour the way we look at a person, place or thing. For example, the waitress accidentally spills the tray of waters on you, and you decide never to return to that one Mexican restaurant. You were wearing your green socks the day you got fired, so you’ve sworn off green socks (not hard to do, but St. Patty’s Day does find us once a year). Grab your pen and journal. Is there an opportunity to create a new story with that person, place or thing? Perhaps you could go order some carnitas with friends and create a new positive memory, or wear green socks while you give an epic presentation? This activity will remind you that you hold the power to write your own story.

The truth about being a psychic medium

I’m a psychic medium.

I blend with the energies of my sitter (aka my client) and their loved ones in spirit to deliver evidence that their departed loved one still exists. The evidence comes in many forms:

“I know when you see blue jays at your bird feeder, you think of your Grandma…”

“I’m being made aware of a heart necklace your husband gave you; you set it on a butterfly shaped tray every night before bed.”

How is this possible? I don’t even fully know, but the way I understand it is, spirits blend with my nervous system so that I receive information using my senses. During a reading, I’ll typically receive a combination of physical feeling (perhaps my cheek will feel droopy, signaling a stroke), seeing through my mind’s eye (such as a detailed picture of a kitchen), and hearing (like a soft whisper). And sometimes, I just know things (I picture spirit dropping facts and information into my mind, but no worries, it doesn’t hurt).

My specialty is feeling the departed’s personality and love for the sitter. The senses I receive help paint a picture of how spirits want to communicate:

“I sense Mom lit up when baking pies. She would dance a lot while baking. Mom was a gentle soul who made you feel loved by reading you stories and tucking you in at night. She’s making me aware that you would ask ‘how come?’ a lot when you were little and that would always make her laugh. She loved you so much.”

My sitters are often surprised and caught off-guard by my abilities. I don’t blame them; I know that illustrating such personal details can be weird and mystifying, but it comes from a source of love. Delivering messages from spirit gives my sitter hope, understanding and healing.

Becoming a medium is a whole different story, but one thing I’ve learned is you need to be okay with not knowing everything; the ability to accept the unknown is needed or else my logical mind would be so frazzled from my ‘spiritual-spidey senses’ that I’d never sleep. But I digress…

In case you’re wondering, there wasn’t a single defining moment that made me say, “Yup! I’m a medium!”. I didn’t accidentally hit my head and wake up one day to find I can see the future (The Dead Zone, anyone?). My gifts unfolded naturally. When my dad passed away eight years ago, I could feel him close: warm tingles on my neck and right shoulder. When my nana passed, I felt her in a similar way. Back then, I couldn’t explain these feelings and the odd sense of clarity I had, knowing the sensations were my dad and nana. It wasn’t until I lost my job a few years back that my mediumship began to blossom. That time in my life sparked a Dark Night of the Soul, a time of spiritual depression and awakening in which I healed past traumas, stripped some of my ego and dedicated myself to forming a deeper connection with spirit.

Since stepping into my mediumship abilities, I’ve become aware of many misconceptions about ‘people like me’. I’m not sure where they come from, but my best guesses are the portrayals of psychics/mediums in movies like Ghost or the witches from Hocus Pocus (nope, I don’t fly around on a broom and cast spells… but that would be pretty cool!).

What I’ve found from the general public is mediums are either praised for our metaphysical ‘supernatural’ gifts or shunned because we’re crazy, we’re too ‘woo-woo’ or worse, because we’re practicing voodoo, black magic or whatever else people falsely call it and believe it to be.

To help shatter misconceptions of how a medium lives and works, here’s a glimpse into my personal life and practice:

  • I don’t own a crystal ball and have never used one. Yes, I own crystals, but you may be surprised to know I don’t know the names of many of them (besides amethyst, my birthstone and a few others). I just think they are pretty and I like holding them.
  • To prepare to connect with spirit before a sitting, I don’t have a long ritual that includes a frog’s leg and a bubbling kettle of potions. Most times, I take a quick walk or jump around to get my blood going and my vibes up. Sometimes I’ll sing to clear my mind (there’s no haunting chant… it’s more like tunes from The Lion King or Frozen).
  • When I’m talking to you outside of a mediumship session, you don’t have to worry about me having an unknown side conversation with your dead Aunt Sally about the bad breakup or stacks of dirty dishes in your sink that you don’t want me to know about. I only connect with someone’s loved one once I receive consent. This is how any ethical medium works.
  • I am not a ‘quack’ – I don’t pretend to be an expert in mediumship. As someone who has earned her doctorate in business, I’m trained to make decisions with logic, data and facts. I wouldn’t call myself a medium without credibility. I’ve learned from leading mediums in the USA and UK. Sure, frauds exist in any profession, but that’s not me or any of the mediums in my circle.
  • A lot of mediums come with a ‘I’ve had this gift since I was 3 years old’ story or a ‘I almost lost my life’ story that explains the root of their gifts. As you learned earlier, I don’t have that kind of story and the gift hasn’t come 100% natural to me. I take classes. I read books. I study. I practice. I practice some more.
  • Other than being able to predict that my teenage son will sleep until noon on Saturday or that he’ll complain about having to do the dishes, I can’t predict the future. What I can do is get a sense of how a decision feels. All of us live by free will and things are always changing, so it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen. And what’s the fun in that anyways?
  • Contrary to what many people believe, it’s not all vegan organic for us mediums. I eat bacon. Yup! I eat meat and I believe it’s fine to honor what my body craves. And I believe the animals are good with it too. However, I will say my desire for a hamburger or a Chick-Fil-A sandwich has subdued since getting into this line of work. I also eat French fries. I drink beer. And yes, I also enjoy hippie-dippy teas and concoctions made of dandelion root and chaga mushroom.
  • I’m not a saint. I’ve cheated. I’ve lied. I’ve hurt others. I’ve hurt myself. Daily I make mistakes. I yell. I let my ego get the best of me. I’m human and living proof that you don’t need to be perfect to connect with spirit.
  • When I’m not working as a medium, I don’t see spirits or talk to them on the regular (other than when I meditate or pray).
  • Just like you may be, I am also regularly perplexed and sometimes I even doubt mediumship. I mean really, it’s crazy to think that I communicate with the dead.

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PS – Are you interested in a mediumship session with me? If so, I’d be honored to work with you. 

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