Shift happens!

In mid-2021, I realized I wanted the new experience of working at a metaphysical shop – and I wanted it bad. I wanted an established community where I could be whisked away to a fast-paced and fun, high-vibing atmosphere. I knew I could gain plenty of retail knowledge, but I desired the healing energy and ‘unexpecteds’ of such an environment.

Within a few months I met a wonderful woman at a mediumship development circle who knew of a metaphysical shop looking for a medium. My prayers to the Universe were delivered.  

For most of 2022, I worked at the Violet Butterfly, serving one-on-one clients and offering a variety of different workshops and mediumship demonstrations. I loved serving my clients there. I was learning new things. I got my wish and I was grateful. Life was good… Until it wasn’t.

Starting in mid-September, the commute to the metaphysical shop became a thorn in my side – the hour-long drive turned to more a chore than an opportunity. I started getting sick more than usual. My soul was telling me it wanted more “me time” and time to focus on my family and different endeavors.

So what exactly happened?

Shift happened.

I have no explanation other than this, and this is important to understand: Sometimes, shift just happens. I fulfilled a goal of mine and it was time to pivot. And so I did.

I gave my notice and parted ways from the Violet Butterfly a few weeks ago. If I had listened to my ego, perhaps I would have stayed longer thanks to a false narrative that creeped into my thoughts every now and then: Danielle you just got here. Why are you leaving so soon? You’re not a quitter. You just need to work harder to juggle everything. Why are you leaving when you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing next?

Fortunately, my ego didn’t win and instead I honored my soul. I’m now feeling more energized, more expansive and I’ve been investing my extra time into my health, my family and the memoir I’m writing. I’m where I need to be, even though I don’t know all the answers of what’s to come.

I am proud that I honored my soul and not my ego. That’s a choice I’ve been actively working with for five years, since I was in a job with a toxic environment and boss. In that job, my soul was drained. I battled against my boss’s demeaning and manipulative communication style, and demanding and at times unfair expectations. My husband and son dealt with my backlash as I regularly came home with massive headaches and low energy levels.

I had received many signs and messages from my higher self to leave, but I stayed. Why? Because my ego’s false narrative dominated my thoughts: Danielle, you won’t find another job if you don’t stay here for at least two years…The title and the money is worth the discomfort… You just need to work harder to juggle everything…

I didn’t listen to my intuition, so the Universe made me listen. I lost the job. In that moment, it was detrimental. But now? It was one of the greatest miracles in my life although looking back on it, I realize things could have gone much smoother if I had made a shift sooner.

What’s the moral of the story? Shift happens. Especially in these fast-changing times.


  • Learn from past events where you resisted change. If something similar from the past is being presented to you, it’s an invitation to do things differently.
  • Listen to your intuition and accept the call to shift, leading to more ease and flow.
  • You don’t need to know or control everything before making a change. Trust your higher self and the Universe.
  • Your wants and needs are at times going to change rapidly. Honor them.

As my dear friend Robyn says, Shift happens. Suffering is optional. If you follow the above, there will be less suffering.

If you need to make change in your life and want a higher perspective to help with that shift, don’t hesitate to book a one-on-one with me. Through intuitive coaching and mediumship, I can help guide and support your change journey.


Dr. Danielle Clark | Psychic Medium

PS – Here’s an affirmation to use when you need the courage to make change, “I welcome in the power that comes with honoring my intuition. Regardless of what happens next, I know I am a magnet for abundance.”
PPS – To my Violet Butterfly community, I am sending you love and light. Thank you for your warm embrace and support. I look forward to visiting you at the shop in 2023 with a few special offerings. Stay tuned.

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